Friday, January 13, 2012

My Political Views, Part 5, along comes Ronald Reagan...

A taste of winter has come....the lite amount of snow, maybe 3 inches, was not the problem. it was and is the wind...45 mph when gusting, making the small amounts of snow blow, and dropping the chill factors below zero for the first time this season.

I got my double header Junior High game in at Wayne Trace, and headed the 35 miles home..Paulding County had some icy roads, but as I traveled south, conditions appears that continued overnight, while the schools here were on a two hour delay, the schools to the north cancelled classes....including Ada, where I am scheduled to officiate tonight, however since they are hosting nearby Allen East, the game is still on, at least for now....a decision will be made later in the day.  Two more games on the agenda, one in St. Marys and a night JV game at Crestview, will finish off my 10 game schedule for the week.

My Political Views..part #5...The Coming of Reagan___

As the sixties moved into the decade of the 1970s, and I finished up my four year Air Force stint, I had pretty set my ways and my views on politics....I had become a far right kind of person, but with the notable exceptions that included the following:

I hated authority, and refused to follow or bow to it.  I was in constant trouble in the military, frankly, because I though most of the rules and regulations were pure BS, that had nothing to do with national security or serving my country.   Some of my battles with so-called "superiors" are chronicled in the past four and 1/2 years on this blog.  I also had a Libertarian streak....with the notable exception of Abortion, I came to believe that whatever one did, if it didn't affect others in a negative way, was OK by me....I have modified those views over the past 40 years, but basically they remain as they were in my later years in the Air Force.

After the Air Force days which lasted from  1968-72, I "enjoyed", for the most part, my next 4 years, raising Hell, working as a bartending, bouncing, manager of a youthful nightclub in Celina, and really not caring or thinking much about politics.  Nixon came, and I voted for him in 1972, back when you had to be 21 to vote, but could drink at 18...those of course have been reversed, why I don't know....the fact of the matter is, 18 year old kids are to naive and stupid to vote, of course given the fact the 53% of the voting population voted for Barack Obama in the last election, the kids were not the only dumb asses pulling the switch for a half wit fool in 2008 election.

Nixon went down in 1974, and was replaced by the inept Gerald Ford, not a bad guy, but nothing special...and when Ronald Reagan challenged him early in 1976 for the GOP nomination...I jumped on board.  By this time I was in college, spending my first years at Hocking Technical College, majoring in Environmental Health.  When Reagan was narrorly defeated by Ford for the nomination, I held my nose and supported Ford over another inept fool, one named Jimmy Carter.  A peanut brained clown that made LBJ look competent.  Carter won, and America sank into the deepest bowels of a recession, and to our lowest level of respect as a nation...Carter was indeed, and still is, a pitiful clown of a man and the time 1980 rolled around, despite a 3rd party effort from a RINO named John Anderson, Ronald Reagan would win the White House...the next 8 years, despite a Carter caused bumpy start, would look pretty good for the country and Republic...the "Reagan Years" were some of the best in the later part of the 20th Century, and as good as it would get for years to come.  We are still waiting for better days.

More next week, beginning with Part #6, on Monday.....

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Photos-Our first real taste of winter, with a bit of snow and winds to move it around, came last night.  Ronald Reagan, the actor came on the National Scene as Governor of California in the 1960s...then after a failed bit to take the GOP reins in 1976, defeated a useless Jimmy Carter in 1980....Carter, has to rank in any honest persons estimate as one of the 5 most useless Presidents in American History.

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