Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let the Political Game Begin....

Sitting here this morning, waiting on the towing company to pick up the Nitro for transport to St. Henry, where Nationwide and the body shop will decide what needs to be done and how much to pay for the repairs....hopefully it will be in the shop and out in a couple of weeks tops....but with the rash of wrecks in the area on Monday, I am sure the shops, especially this popular repair place, will be backlogged.

The Iowa Vote____

I have not written much about politics or the coming presidential race much of late, because frankly, the entire process makes me wanna puke....this circus is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind.  We have a probably foreign born illegal President in Office, a lawyer I suspect, although this half baked/half wit Marxist, releases no college records along with a fake birth certificate, while the lap dog media has his back covered.  Meanwhile on the GOP side, you have mostly a group of lawyers with the morals of snakes.  I however was surprised, pleasantly so, to see Rick Santorum come on strong in Iowa, and as at last look, out of 140,000 or so votes cast in the Iowa GOP Caucus, Santorum trailed front runner Mitt Romney by just 8 votes...and amazingly close vote count...meanwhile 'Crazy Train' Ron Paul was in third....the excuse maker for Islamic terrorism, has his hard core supporters, many who are nothing more than spawns of the 1960s radicals that hated those of us who served in Vietnam rather than cut tail and run off to college or Canada, like many of them did.

Newt Gingrich came in a distant 4th, Rick Perry, likely to drop out, was fifth, and Michelle Bachmann trailed far behind in 6th.  In my view it becomes a four man race...basically you have Romney, and Paul, then the anti Romney vote for Santorum and Newt.   I have, from a distance, supported Santorum for awhile now, but could vote for, Romney, or even Gingrich{while holding my nose} if I have to...if it would come down to a Ron Paul vs Barack Obama contest in November....I would likely vote third party.   At this point I can't see myself voting for the Crazy Train...and I sure the Hell won't be supporting that interloping Kenyan bastard currently sitting in the White House. 

So the race for November now moves on to New Hampshire, compete with all it's new Liberal voters, most being refugees from Taxyer2shits, and following that, South Carolina, with a more Conservative base.  Things should start to work themselves out in the next few weeks, and I suspect by the time March 1st rolls around, it will be much more compacted and clear, this GOP race for the White House.

Meanwhile the tow truck from Van Wert, same group that delivered the Nitro home on Monday, has arrived and taken off with the vehicle for estimates and repairs....I will lift weights later today, then head back to Van Wert for my final Basketball Rules Meeting of the meetings begin in just 5 weeks, that I am looking forward to.

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Photos-I'm not sure what the Hell is wrong with Blogger, but it is not posting the photos from my folders...which is wasting my time and pissing me off to no extent, so I'll post a photo of the Nitro and Rick Santorum, from old postings and see where we go from here.....exasperating to say the now I can add new photos??? Anyway here we have added the Captain of the Crazy Train, Ron Paul, and the Nitro has it get a ride to St Henry for repairs....

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