Friday, January 27, 2012

My "Back" Pages

Bob Dylan wrote, but The Byrds performed the best version of this song from "The Sixties" that hits home in a lot of ways:

The{my} Back____

However, the back I'm talking about this morning is the one where my spine is situated....

"Soft Chair, Hard Chair, Standing, Walking, laying down"...which seems to be the best for my aching lower back?  So far either laying down or walking seems to be the best, although none are great.  I worked the girls middle school double header last night on the old hard wood floor at the Junior High in Celina...both games were close, with the teams Celina and Marion Local splitting the games, the host Bulldogs winning the 7th grade contest, and the visiting Flyers taking the 8th grade game by 2 points....the teams with the best record lost both games. 

When done, I was scheduled to head to Van Wert for an informal baseball meeting with our association, however the fog had rolled in, and with the back issues, I opted to skip that and head for home....where after a hot shower, I sat for the remainder of the evening, sipping on a couple of dark stout beers...after a decent, but still painful at times, nights sleep, I awoke to more back pain...and frankly wasn't sure if I could work the JV game at Spencerville tonight, or the double at Wayne Trace Junior High tomorrow morning.  After dressing and heading out to feed the birds and back yard Squirrels, things seemed to be loosening up, but the pain is still with me....the longer I set, the more pain I have.

Now mind you this is not in the same ballpark as the back problems some 4 years ago, or those 20+ years, not even close....but the longer it goes, the more cause for concern there is....fortunately I only have 3 nights of basketball next week, and will put on hold any weight lifting sessions for a week or so, to allow some healing time.  I have had a few set backs over the past 4 years since the epidural in December 2007, with this one the worst of those so far.  Being as active as I am, and like to be, as I near my 63rd birthday in March....I can say, I'm not happy about all!

So....I have some projects and other things to get done this morning and early afternoon....most likely will try to work the games tonight and tomorrow, then rest up as best I can over the weekend....with no game on Monday hopefully the issue of back pain will be once again in my rear view mirror.

enjoy the weekend...

back later>>>>

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