Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Floppy Problem"/March Madness

The problem with the Floppy, Disk that is....the one thing about Sony Floppy Disk Cameras is they use the old floppy disk, which as my oldest son says are "old news"...usually you get about 20 photos per .30 cent disk, and they are easy to load into the computer....for some reason, the disk I used on the first 3 days of the RV delivery west, went belly up after posting a couple of photos on Thursday, and I can't get the rest out....sad to say I had about 3 or 4 more I wanted to post, you'll just have to take my word for it.....sorry.

Meanwhile the drive to California reached it's final full day...crossing into the Mojave Desert from Arizona we were greeted with Diesel and gar prices approaching and exceeding $4.00 a gallon....The Peoples Republic of California is a nice weather shithole, which is amazing anybody with a brainwave would live can have your nice weather, the taxes, benefits for illegals, crime, and did I mention taxes?, and stuff it....I really despise the place...I have a niece, a best friend from high school, and old home town buddies that now live in southern California(some for more than 30 years)...and I still look at them like they are from outer space....why, I still wonder?

The temps were nice, in he mid 70s across the desert towards Barstow then L.A......Sam dropped his Sun Voyager off in Upland, the check in took an hour or so, then we had 8 hours to kill before our "red eye" flight out of LAX International. Here is how it went....

Cab ride to train station/train to LA's Union Station/bus to LAX....the Airport watching NCAA basketball for 4 hours/plane flight to Pittsburgh, arriving at 6AM Eastern Time/flight west to Chicago's O'Hare Field, arriving at 8am Central Time/airport shuttle bus to Mishawaka, Indiana, arriving at 1pm EDT, then a shuttle cab to Nappanee. There we dropped off our paper work, discussed the RV situation in Albuquerque, NM, which is still a strange, but for later story, and finally a 2+ hour drive back to Celina in the Dodge....after a quick shower, Sam and I headed back to Van Wert for the umpire rules about a long 36 hours for this old man! No wonder it has taken me 3 days to catch up on my sleep.


March Madness----

Since I have been trying to get this body back on Eastern Time from the 5 day and little sleep trip, something not easy for someone who turns 59 tomorrow, I have had a chance to watch plenty of college basketball. The NCAA Tournament begins next week, this week the various leagues are having their league "playoffs" so to speak...and add that to the Ohio High School tournaments(which a cousin is the leading scorer on one of the northern area teams) that finish up this week, I have had plenty of time to "vegetate" and watch hoops....the weather has warmed up, and the snow from the storm is gone, replaced by rain yesterday.

--click on this link, then the video to see an amazing end to the Minnesota/Indiana Big Ten Tournament game....the kid that hits the winning shot, made an even more spectacular shot 3 years ago in the Minnesota High School Tournament, which is also shown:

One of many spectacular shots that should keep me entertained for the next couple of weeks...while I get myself and my body in ready for baseball season.

photos-got a few left despite my best disk being trashed....they include (a) gas prices reaching $4 a gallon in Needles, California(b) Entering the Mojave on I-40(c) a sepia shot of the I-40 rest area and mountains in background off the Interstate, 100 miles from Barstow(d) The snow peaked San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles(e) Inside of the train to LA from Upland(LA and So Cal have some of the finest transportation of any big city, one of the few pluses to being out there)and (f) me, not even bothering to suck in the gut, on the bus out of Union Station to LAX, to tired and wired to care.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Great pictures man. Glad you made it back in one piece, unscathed from the peoples republic.

The Hermit said...

Those pictures sure make me miss the West. I always thought the thing to do would be to find one of those roads that goes straight off into the desert, going nowhere, and settle at the end of it.

Buck said...

Happy Birthday, Pat! Three more years and you can draw Social Security... ;-)