Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kick Me, I Voted!

Take a look at the attached decal and card...usually when you vote they give you some half-assed sticker for your shirt or to stick on your forehead, and tells everybody, "Yep, I'm a freaking sheep, I voted, but don't know why".....well the Great Socialist Republic of Ohio is now handing out these little ditties...proclaiming "I Voted Today" and on the inside a plug for that half assed big eared clown Barack Insane Osama Obama proclaiming "change your world" VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE now, if that isn't a liberal plug from our half baked NAMBLA loving Governor Ted "The Head" Strickland, nothing is......screw these sonsabitches.

I, unlike most of the state, went ahead and voted on the GOP Ballot....many are crossing party lines to vote for or against Obama or Hillary...the oldest son, Sam, is one of them, he's claiming Democrat, voting for Hillary, because he hates Barack....I won't go that route, I'd puke on the spot if I had to claim to be a Democrat....the GOP is gutless, but the Dems are nothing more than lukewarm marxist shills and fools.

Anyway, on to the ballot of disinterest.....You have 5 candidates for GOP Presidential nomination.,..





McCain is in, so I went with my conscience and voted for the departed Romney.... the rest of the ballot had 20 some candidates who were running unopposed for public office. For 12th District GOP chair, 2 women were running against each other, and the renewal for the Celina School Levy was the other "contested" item....

What a waste of paper...but I can say "Hell Yes I Voted...Kick Me Here" and put the sticker on my right butt cheek.
And b-t-w, that other little item shown above...a business card, paid for by the taxpayers, all 12 million Buckeyes that actually pay into the system to let us know how you feel about your experience.....you can bet I'm getting my dime's worth and will share my opinions with this burea-rat.


Larry said...

Pat, I'm curious as to specifically by WHOM and WHEN that "I Voted" sticker [with the exhortation for "Change"] was passed-out. If you received it PRIOR to entering the booth then it sure seems it qualifies as "electioneering" at the polling place -- which at least in IL is prohibited. Even if you received it AFTER voting it seems it could /should be construed as electioneering-in-a-polling-place.... for the NEXT election! I'm gonna watch your blog --and other sources-- for some follow-up on this. For now, it seems to smell a bit.

pat houseworth said...

Larry: They were smart enough to give it after I voted, but it still stinks.

I can't remember the last time Ohio has an administration that was not corrupt as the Chicago Mob of the 20s. Both state parties are useless.

david mcmahon said...

I've been following this election very closely in my full-time job as a newspaper journalist.

(Like you I used to be a sportswriter too, Pat!)

Here in Oz, voting is compulsory .... and there's no stickers!

pat houseworth said...

David: My guess is at 40% of registered voting during this primary season, and not much better during the general election, they could get a better turnout if the handed out cigars and beer to the guys, and a box of chocolates and a rose to the ladies.

Or better yet, have the 2 major parties actually act different when in office...What a Concept! ;)

Buck said...

Well... ya voted. And that's a GOOD THING.

Shrinky said...

Puts me in mind of the stickers my kids used to get from the dentist, after having had their teeth either drilled or yanked..