Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA Bracket Buster Time/St Patrick's Day

I guess I could talk about the economy, which is on the verge of collapse....I could talk about the tragic car wreck locally over the weekend, which took the lives of 4 young men, aged 19 & 20, some of whom my youngest son coached in summer high school baseball.....I could talk about the idiot pastor that our wannabee President Barack Obama is now disavowing...I could talk about all that stuff....but why talk about bad news? There are plenty of outlets for that.

Instead I will talk about what most folks are talking about this morning....who are your picks for the March Madness known as the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament?

North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA, and Kansas, are the #1 seeds....I have rooted for the Duke Blue Devils for over 20 years, so my team is seeded #2 in the west. Why Duke? Well, really no reason, except for Coach K and his style, and the fact he actually takes and recruits players that are college know, students, not paid guns? I went to Wright State, Hocking Tech, Trans-American, and lived at Ohio University in no real link to Duke...I root for Ohio State in football, and the Blue Devils in basketball...and won't change allegiance as long as Coach K is on the sidelines.

I've already picked out 5 brackets, and probably a couple of more "money' picks before Thursday Noon rolls consensus picks are Kansas, and with my heart I've picked Duke in a couple.....I also think Notre Dame, Xavier, and Louisville will do well, or at least better than expected. You couldn't get me to pick North Carolina with a gun stuck in my ribs....don't like the Tar Heels, never have, never will.....Dean Smith was a Vietnam War protesting assclown when I served, and he sat on his lazy ass on the UNC bench., while guys I knew fought and died. I've never forgotten that, and would never root for a team, playing on a floor that bears his if Duke doesn't make it, hopefully sometime early in the go, North Carolina will get dumped out.

Let the fun begin....the next couple of weeks are always enjoyable, as long as you don't take the games too seriously.....remember, it's only basketball, nothing important, just a diversion from the everyday grind.

St Patrick's Day!

I was born a couple of hours before St. Patty's Day in could not quite hold out long enough to make me a St. Patrick's Day baby.....but I got the name anyway. Mom being from the Irish Catholic side of the family, the choice was easy. Had an older brother named Mike...I'm sure you have heard of the old movie 'Mike and Pat' a couple of Irish my Great-Grandfather was aptly named Patrick Feeley....the Feeleys and Gibsons were my Irish I've always been fond of the Irish, and like a good Irish lad(and being from German roots as well, doesn't hurt), I've always like to bend the elbow on occasion.....HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL!


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten it was Saint Patricks day. Maybe the wife and I will stop by the store and pick up some corned beef for a good old fashioned Irish meal.

pat houseworth said...

One of my favorites is Corned Beef on Rye, with swiss and 1000 island....not exactly St Pattys Day stuff, but great with a beer and baked potato.

Mushy said...

Here's hoping our #2s go head-to-head, but since we haven't been there in ages...we probably don't have the experience.

When they lose...I'll probably stop watching.

BRUNO said...

I've got a fail-safe plan for this year---I'll "root" for whichever team appears to be the underdog at the halfway-point of the first quarter!

As long as I don't run out of Diet Coke and chips, I'll watch whoever the hell plays, just as an excuse to sit on my ass, and SLEEP through the entire game...!

BRUNO said...

Oh, and BTW---thanks for the bracket! Saved me a "search"!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'll try to give a shit about the bro ball, but I'm not promisin' anything. Hope your teams all win.

pat houseworth said...