Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Want Ice With That Drink?

The primary election has come and gone...our little lily white county was one of the last to get it's ballots completed, and in fact, I'm not sure who got the votes, or even if the Celina School Levy passed or failed....looks like it was a big night for Hillzilla and McCain nationwide, although the talking media heads still have their Monica knee pads on, knelling on their prayer rugs for Obama....lots of luck gang. I'm sick of politics and will become concerned again, maybe sometime after Labor Day, good riddance to bad rubbish.

The weather is my main concern as of this morning...will it ever warm up?...Where is that Damn Global Warming?, I want it now!

Our Winter Storm Warning arrived, albeit late, to western Ohio. After returning from Greenville yesterday, getting my vote cast while it was still raining, I noticed a shift in the wind and the air(already about 30) turned colder. The rain switched to ice, then ice pellets, then some sleet, and finally topped off with an inch of snow on top. I salted and shoveled the walks and steps to no avail...the storm kept bringing it down...overnight a light snow dropped on top of the ice, and the schools have closed again, the wife and the rest will be making up days now, they are all ready a couple over the limit. Sad part is, no warm up is in sight until at least some time next week, and then only in the 40s with maybe some rain....temperatures 20-25 degrees below normal for the next couple of days...usually in the 40s for highs, after tomorrow, a few days with highs in the 20s.

Sam, flew into Chicago, got his car in Elkhart, and slid his way back through the storm...tomorrow, back to Indiana, and another RV to California, this time Upland, near the Ontario, California, airport.... He's getting his runs in before baseball starts...I've had chances to get back on the road, but just can't pull the back is feeling 80% and guess I'm to chicken to chance it.

Photos-Ice on the steps and walk, Patricia got up early and tried to shovel, no luck, and the snow blower is useless in this stuff....and the Intrepid and Jeep stuck in the storm are Ice Bound....this should be fun, getting this stuff off...nope, not really.


Anonymous said...

Ice is the worst. Snow I can live with, but ice makes it impossible to get around and it usually takes out the power lines as well.

Buck said...

Aiiieee. I feel for ya, Pat. I don't like snow...but I HATE ice.

Nancy said...

I know what you mean Pat, sometimes the memory of just how much it can hurt---when it finally doesn't hurt as much-- can make you not want to chance anything.

You'll have to decide when you're ready.

GUYK said...

It is been a while since I have seen the snow ad ice..we get a bit on the windshield once in a while and one year my well pump switch froze up but most of the time we have spring weather in the winter...and that is the main reason I am here in this land full of sonny beaches