Friday, March 14, 2008

RVing part 2

Daylight Savings Time began Sunday morning, but it never affected us, as we had stopped in Sayre early Saturday evening, and then stuck around to about 9AM...we had plenty of time to get across the Panhandle and then another couple of hundred miles into New Mexico, where we would stop 20 miles past Albuquerque and spend the evening at the Route 66 Casino, which is run by the Navajo Tribe. I've stopped there on several occasions, and played KENO and Black Jack. One thing about this growing gambling hall is you can't drink alcohol out on the floor, only in the selected bars...that is a good thing, less likely to get smashed and blow your money on stupid bets.

We arrived around 6PM MDT and the plan was to grab a bite to eat, and then play some games of chance, but not lose...that's always the plan, but seldom works. We ate, then I played video KENO, Sam tried his hand at $5 Black Jack....I won $85, and he lost $40....then Monday morning I was to drive back into Albuquerque and drop off the BT, pick up a Diesel and take that to So Cal...., Sam would play Texas Hold Em' while I did my job. After 4 hours at Aloha RV, the unit was accepted...however, the "fixed" RV for California was not ready....I called Sam, told him to pick me up and we would take his unit to Upland, California....the other unit still sits in New Mexico, I won't be picking it up...I am done making runs(except for short ones around Ohio and Indiana) until baseball ends, at least.

Sam, meanwhile, lost his $25 buy in at the Texas game, for a grand total of $65 lost...all-in-all it was cheap entertainment, I came out ahead and bought the next evenings supper at Kingman, AZ.

The trip across New Mexico Monday was uneventful, as was the state line to Kingman, arriving that evening about 7PM....we were in no hurry since we only had one unit and were not flying out of LA until a Tuesday evening "Red Eye"....gave us a chance to get some good meals, and a few good photos of the I-40 route, following old Route 66.

Next---The Final Leg and Home.


Continue to "catch up" on my sleep, managed to stay in the sack until 9 this morning, headed up town where I was witness to some guy smashing into a pole at 40 MPH for no apparent reason....I stopped, called 911, and opened the guys door, where he rolled guess his girlfriend and he were stopped at the local watering hole after working the graveyard shift....he pulled out, and straight across the street into the metal light fixture, truck was totaled, and his women friend required a squad....I don't think she was injured badly, but this one, for him at least, is gonna be expensive. DUI runs about $3000 to $4000 grand anymore in Ohio....when you count the fine, insurance, license renewal, and drunk school.....DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, it isn't worth it....I'm no prude, but gave up that crazy habit long ago....I toss down a beer or 3, but you won't catch me behind the wheel with a hint on my breath.

Anyway, I waited for the cops and squad, they took my name and phone number, and I was home....with the NCAA Basketball league tournaments this week and weekend, I will continue to "veg out" and watch hoops the rest of the weekend....back to Greenville for a couple days at Honda next week.

Photo(Problems)...sorry to say I have some excellent photos from across Arizona, that for some reason I can't retrieve this morning...same disk I used yesterday has a formatting problem today...hopefully I can get it to load once again....otherwise I lose sunset and other photos from the Snow Bowl and Flagstaff and Williams, Arizona you will have to settle for a couple of "Main Street" shots of Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona, and Needles, California, that I took Tuesday morning.


Anonymous said...

I really like the food in the casinos. There's a place called "Boom Town" in Reno, on the road going to California, if you are ever out there, try the buffet.

pat houseworth said...

I think Sam has stopped at "Boom Town"...the Gold Coast in Vegas has a breakfast buffet out of this's lunch and supper are excellent as well. It's located off the strip and is my favorite in Vegas.

BRUNO said...

I was just gettin' ready to ask if you were ready for "March-Madness"...!

Shrinky said...

Sounds like that guy and his girlfriend has a lucky escape, at least they only slammed in to a pole and not in to some unsuspecting motorist, huh?

Enjoy the games, don't eat too much popcorn/potato chips. (Smile)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hope the Bro Ball turns out the way you want.