Friday, March 7, 2008

Heading Out!

The wind is strong out of the east(good tail wind for driving RVs west), the harbinger of the approaching snow storm, which is predicted to dump 8-10 inches in the Celina area...the route we are taking through Ft. Wayne to Nappanee, is scheduled to get less, and by the time we get to Hoosier Transit, just flurries. I almost feel guilty taking off...but I have made the decision to make this run to New Mexico then on to So Cal, so will stick with it.

As I woke up this morning, it has been 11 weeks, 77 day exactly since I go the epidural lumbar luck would have it, waking up this morning, my left hip and leg had more pain than I've noticed in quite some weeks...maybe I'm just being paranoid, or maybe the effects are in the early part of wearing off....time and this trip will tell. If so, I am allowed 3 injections per year, and would not hesitate to get another before baseball season starts March 31st, if necessary. Not an option I would choose, but better than going back to the pre-Christmas situation.

OK, time to wake Sam's sorry butt up(I noticed he stayed up until 2AM, sorry about his luck), I'm packed ready to go....and will try to keep a photo journal on the way out. That is something I did many times when I first started running RVs after retiring from the health department, back in July of 2002....I've got dozens of disks of digital photos from New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Utah, California, Vegas,'s been awhile, so looking forward to that part.

I have to admit, working a couple days a week in Greenville, plus baseball and now the past two football seasons, I have not missed the open road...last year I made only a couple of Pennsylvania runs over Labor Day, after baseball season began....this is feeling like starting over again. Will see how it shakes out.

photos-the briefcase and the gear, packed and ready to go.....notice Cigar, you can't smoke in these units, but if I get a chance to stop by the Route 66 Casino outside Albuquerque, I may get to fire one up, or if the weather is warm out in the southwest(like is predicted), I can smoke on outside on a stool.


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip. Be careful.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, have a blast, and take lots of great pictures. Too bad you're not comin' this way. We'd hook up and I'd get you some fine Mexican food and maybe a few good smokes. Take care bud.

Old Sodier said...

Hey, why don't you head down to Texas? You almost made it before. Weather is great, 32 tonight in Houston, gas is cheap, 3.09 per gal. Why not. Enjoy and keep it between the ditches.
Oh if you do get down this far let me know, you can hook up in fron of my hootch.

pat houseworth said...

2nd night staying at a Flying J in Sayre,OK...will cross the Panhandle tomorrow, and make it to the RT 66 Casino outside Albuquerque....drop the BT off Monday, pick up another that needs a paint job at the same dealer...that that to Fontana, CA...while Sam drops his off in Upland....we head over to LAX and fly out.....big blizzard back home, got out just in time.