Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up/High School Baseball

We had Easter dinner(brunch/lunch) at our house yesterday. Sister Marty, brother-in-law, 2 of their 3 daughters, one daughter's fiance'. Hal was home from Dayton, and Sam made it back from Edmonton, Canada, around noon. Watched some basketball, had some conversation, and a nice 3 hour get together for the Holy Day. With the family spread around the country for Florida to California, and Ohio.....these type get together's are not all that frequent, and a welcome.

Basketball Weekend________

With my favorite Duke Blue Devils eliminated, my prediction "Brackets" are pretty much "Blown Up"....I hit a good 15 or 16 on day #1 Thursday, but it's been all down hill since. I've got a few teams, including Kansas, my Champion pick left, but for the most part at least half of my teams moving on have been eliminated.

Mersman building________

As you can see from the photos above...the 100 year old Mersman Table building across the street is now almost a complete pile.....the photos are from November, January, and yesterday....with the Ohio EPA controlling process, this mess will still take a while to guess is another 2 years before the debris is gone.


The major league season begins on March 30th, with a full schedule in force on Monday March 31st. Our High School baseball season begins on the 31st as well. Actually we have scrimmages scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, Sam and I are together at Fort Recovery High School for a Varsity Scrimmage tomorrow, but I doubt if that will happen....the sun may be out for now, but I doubt if even the predicted 40 MPH winds tomorrow will dry things addition we have a 60% chance of looks like the season will get off to a slow start. Sam and I are also together March 31st at Delphos Jefferson......with about 40 regular season dates(including 6 double headers), we are together about 18 times. We usually only work 6 or 7 dates together a season, but with the gas prices and the fact we work well as a team, we are contracting more varsity contests together each season.

Still to be decided this week is if mom is going to come home early(this week) from Naples, or will stay into or through April, and her and brother Mike come back together. If she decides to come home this weekend, I will fly to Fort Myers/Naples Airport Thursday, and stay with Kelly and her husband Mike, then drive mom back to Ohio over the weekend....will figure that out by tomorrow, so I can make plans either way.


Shrinky said...

It's great to document the old builings as they go. When Canary Wharg was beeing renovated (in London), back in the days before digital photography, I went around the entire area recording it all in black and white.

It was the same with Billingsgate Fish Market, before it closed. It supplied to the trade. I had to get up at 3am to go round there. I didn't realise security were following me all the way around. Apparently, you needed permission to photograph - but they were cool, let me keep my shots (eventually).

Buck said...

With the family spread around the country...

I sure hear that! It's a rare family in America who lives in the same town together, or even the same state, these days. It's a great good thing all y'all were together for the holiday, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a top flight easter, Pat.