Sunday, April 13, 2008

84 & 24/1924 and 1984

Leave it to April 13th to be a strange kind of day. After all, it the 13th, albeit not a Friday. Just past 8:30 in the morning and I look out and a touch of snow is falling, wet, miserable, cold conditions surround west Ohio, it's been like this most of the late winter and early spring....damn Al Gore, why not bring your fat, lying, ass here to preach your Global Warming Religion of BS?

I have had 4 games in a row, including yesterday's double header at Lincolnview, rained out, Sam has been a little more lucky, he only missed Friday's also at Lincolnview(Van Wert)...he got the Celina double header on the artificial grass against Sidney in yesterday....but this is putting a dent in my cigar and beer money.

Well enough of that, April 13th is a day of importance to our family, and this year, 2008, the numbers fall into what seems some sort of cosmic alignment...hence this Sunday post. Here you have it, by the numbers....what are the odds?

My mom was born in Chester, PA, on this date in 1924, making her 84 years old...meanwhile, our youngest, Hal Houseworth, was born 60 years later to the day on this date in 1984, in Coldwater, Ohio, making him 24....there you have it...Grandmother 84 born in 24, her grandson 24 was born in 84. Figured that out all by myself while drinking a beer and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night.....hardly a statical wizard am I(the belongs to Patricia and more especially to the boys, Sam and Hal, who, if nothing else placed high in national math scores).

That's it, short and sweet, the weather really stinks(sunshine by Tuesday?, so they say), Sam's in Michigan. Hal should be on his way home from Dayton for the day, mom in Florida for another few


PHOTOS-Me, Patricia, and mom, on Patricia's Wright State graduation, and me, Patricia, and Hal, at niece Holli's wedding.


Buck said...

Sorry about your WX. Pat. We've had a bit of a cold snap too, but cold is relative... we're gonna hit 67 or so today, down to 31 tonite.

Happy birthday to your Mom and Hal!

Shrinky said...

Whey-hey, an auspicious date indeed! (Wow, that is kinda' spooky, isn't it?) Well done you for working it out , too.

Hope the weather picks up, nothing so frustrating as being rained/snowed off from what you really want to be doing.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Wow! That's freaky. Hilarious. And here I am thinkin' it's weird that my girlfriend and I have the same birthdays, same day as my uncle Bob. Y'all have a much cooler story to tell.

Happy birthday to them and I hope the party was a good one.

Chelsi said...

Great work.