Saturday, April 19, 2008

Country Bumpkins and other weekend thoughts

9:15 on a Saturday morning, waiting to see if our game at Lincolnview gets rained out or time is slated for 1PM...a rare single game(teams usually play double headers on Saturday) between Lincolnview and Lima Temple Christian. Yesterday I was at Antwerp, where my Uncle Jack DeVore got over at 7 and I should have stopped by his place, Jack is the last of my blood uncles(or Aunts), on either side of the family. At 77 he is still a go getter, a widow who, until a year or so ago was still climbing roofs with his oldest son, doing construction and repair.

Jack is a great guy, and I don't hold the fact that he is a Democrat, a Notre Dame fan, or a Union lover against him.....too much! Jack and mom's other brother Bill(who died 10 years ago), both great guys, we just didn't talk politics....because no way we could stay close if we did. Uncle Jack has taken up a gig in his retirement years, he is now an usher at Notre Dame football games in the fall.....a hour and a half drive from Antwerp is South bad his team sucks at the present time. Anyway back to the point, if I had stopped by Jack's place, we would have ended up at the local watering hole, and I would have never made it I'll save that for later on this summer, or when he comes down to see mom, on her return from Florida in May.

Antwerp beat Lincolnview, the wind was blowing out of the southwest, right over home plate towards the outfield.....the home team was down 7-3 before a mammoth wind blown Grand Slam home run tied the score at 7...Antwerp went on to win 12-9, 4 home runs in least 3 with the wind helping out....more than I've seen in total all spring.

The early umpire rankings came out from the state OHSAA and I sit at 4.0 out of 5.0...not bad, but I guess I managed to piss a coach or two off so far....not everybody votes and this tends to skew the rankings...some coaches don't bother, some vote only if they are mad at you, and others are pretty faithful in getting their votes in...Sam, on the other hand is still waiting for a vote total...meaning not enough coaches have voted on his games yet.

Country Music___________

I was never a big fan of Country Music, liked a few songs back in my youth, but just didn't get into the twang of the's County is pretty much akin to the bubble gum or top 40 stuff from the 1960s...not a lot to like about it. There was a time back in the early 90s when disgusted by racist rap crap, mindless disco, and every artist who couldn't sing the English language, that I turned to County....oldest son Sam was into the music and I picked up on a few artists on CMT(Country Music Television)....there was some bad music(Tim McGraw comes to mind, along with his ditz of a wife, Faith Hill), but a few folks sang traditional music that I actually became fond of....artists that come to mind include, Patty Lovelace, George Straight, Alan Jackson, and Toby Keith.....but my favorite from the early and middle 1990s had to be John Anderson....I'll leave the weekend rant with 2 of my favorite videos from Ol' John....

Seminole Wind:

and my all time Anderson favorite, Straight Tequila Night(audio only)

Go outside and make it a great weekend--


Weekend Sports---Ohio State Spring football scrimmage today in Columbus, 60,000 or more expected to see local Senior Todd Boeckman from St. Henry lead the Buckeyes...hopefully this year, all the way to a victory in the BCS Championship, the bridesmaid thing is worse than not being there. The IHL Fort Wayne Komets, riding a seaons closing 25 game home win streak hope to begin their way towards the Turner Cup this weekend vs Muskegon, and the Philly Flyers look to close out the Washington Crap-itals and move on to round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Mushy said...

For some strange reason, that my wife don't understand, my truck will not pick up country music. Darn!

I hate most of that nasally twang, same ol' drum beat and guitar lick crap!

Country music is about the words with generally the same music in the background. Rock/blues is about the beat, the guitar, and the lyrics are what you listen to years later and go "Damn, I didn't know that is what they were saying!"