Friday, April 25, 2008

This Time of Year

When I started this blog last July, it was with all the intent to do a daily(as best I could) update, and a look back at days gone it went by I usually managed to do about 25 posts a month, and take a gander back at my life about a dozen times during each 30 days. I have noticed with the increased warm weather(about to come to an end for a week or so?) and baseball season...the "look back" segments have been less frequent. I'm afraid things will stay that way until at least the end of the Spring Baseball season.....I've got to give up something...and the time out of doors it won't be. So I will press on, try to keep up on things, although it may be a tad boorish at times....but the weather and the outdoor times take precedent in this situation.

Did the plate for the Coldwater/St Marys game last night at C/W...7-3 final for the home team...bad part was, the game was sailing along, then with nobody out in the top of the 7th and a man on first for SM, my partner get nailed by a hard one hopper, right in the shin. That play results in a dead ball and the runner getting first(MLB Rules are different). After I call the play dead, we go out to check on Chuck, my partner in this game and one of the better umpires in the state of Ohio.....he was limping, but continued....the game ended without any further problems about 5 minutes later. Coaches and fans alike were concerned about Chuck, but he insisted he was OK...hopefully no major damage, but I can pretty well be certain, he has one sore leg bone today....I'm 59, he is older than I, at our ages, it takes longer to heal, as well as being easier to bruise.

Sam and I will be at Spencerville vs St. Henry tonight...Sam's turn to do the plate....rained overnight and probably again tonight, but looks like we might get the game in before. Tomorrow I'm at Hicksville for a double header, Sam at Convoy Crestview for same...but rain might challenge those plans....then next week look for colder temps(40s for Tuesday highs), such is the typical weather for Spring Time Ohio.

Managed to walk around the house after I got back from Greenville this morning...and got some more flower shots from the yard.
Back Later......................b-t-w Flyers lose to Montreal on a suspect call late the Habs tie it, and then beat Philly in OT, always tomorrow, and The Red Wings hold off Colorado in that bitter rival renewal.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Ouch! Not cool. Occupational hazard though I guess. More friggin' pads maybe?

Buck said...

Nice pics, Pat!

I saw the highlights from the Flyers game last night... and I feel bad for ya. But there's still a LOT of hockey left to be played in this series...

re: The Wings. I didn't think it was possible to hold your breath through an entire period... until last night. ;-)

Americaneocon said...

That fox up there's almost as big as you were!

Sarge Charlie said...

Nice photos