Monday, April 21, 2008

Foggy Monday and the Useful Idiot

9:25am and I see the sun is just starting to burn off the thick, damp, fog from overnight...schools are delayed, although Patricia made the drive to St. Henry for a meeting anyway....if the 2 hour delays around the area have turned to closings I don't know....because I have not checked. I took Reagan in for her alergy shot this I mentioned last week when she was in for the "hot spot" treatment, I should have purchased "Doggie Health Insurance" 35 years ago when I started raising Airedales...the old Coonhounds seldom needed treatment, or if they did, they never told me. :)

I've been pretty good to my word of keeping my political and Christian beliefs in the background of this blog....not that I mind pissing off folks, I'm pretty good about that...but I think you know where I stand, just by reading between the lines, or viewing the left hand side material of this blog....but I do have to rant about someone I believe to be the most useless human being ever to hold the office of President of these United States...The Peanut Farmer himself, Jimmy Carter....a most useless of assclowns, even more so than LBJ or Billy BJ Clinton....LBJ of course was the sob that gave us the build-up(and eventual defeat) in Vietnam and the so called "Great Society", both which have left America "hamstrung" in today's world(don't worry Nixon shares plenty of the blame as well)...Clinton of course just sold us a bill of goods while plundering the country and White House.....but it's Carter, Jimmy Fing Carter, that goes down as the most useless President of my time.

He not only didn't have the guts to take out Iran when he had the chance(the Nuke option would have been fine with me), he now wears his Monica Lewinski knee pads in support of the PLO and the rest of the Islamic terrorist trash in that region....all at the expense of Israel(our only ally in that area), and the American people....Mr Carter needs to do the world, and especially the US a favor....."Go Away"(you thought I was going to say "Drop Dead" didn't you?) made us sick in the late 1978, you are a miserable, useless, slug in 2008.

OK, got that off my tonight, if the fog lifts, at Delphos, for a NWC game with Jefferson hosting Spencerville.....saying a prayer for my brother-in-law Dave in his wife battles her serious health problems, Dave at 48 has a spell of chest pain yesterday, and undergoes surgery for a clogged valve, with a stent being put in.....the family doens't need this.

MRS Board meeting today at 11am....Back Later>>>>>>>

photos---Fog shots..down West Livingston looking east towards the sunrise, and across the street into the Mersman lot.....and the Useful or Useless Idiot, Jimmy Carter.


Buck said...

Wow. Y'all DID get some fog, didn't ya!?!

Old Soldier said...

Carter scares me. But who know perhaps the ragheads will listen to him,, Not. We will see. Oh by the way, this sun streaming into my work window is almost blinding, and it gonna be 88 today. Hard wo live like this.. Ha. Just kidding. Fog is good for frogs.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Carter's been an idiot for a LONG time. Tries to play on the rep he got from Camp David but Hamas ain't Sadat. They're like the fuckers who shot Sadat. He just thinks he has some sort of moral authority, but he really doesn't. Not when he's telling the Israelis to stop doing what they need to do to survive and treating Hamas like a real government. When's he gonna drag his withered ass to Zimbabwe and do something about that asshole Mugabe?

Now, having said all that, Israel is NOT the friggin' 51st state in the Union. I wish the friggin' UN had never gone there. It may just be an unsustainable thing that might get us all nuked before it's over. Hope and pray the Israeli nukes work better than the Iranian ones. I mean,, I love them, but DAMN!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

... And I LOVE that shot of you with your dad's shotgun. That's a wonderfull shot that speaks volumes about your dad how you were raised and who you are now. Love it.

Sarge Charlie said...

I have read some of the family history, wow, I think it will take some time to finish it. I am shamed by Jimmy, I voted for the bastard twice, Billy would have been a better choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gawd All Mighty! What did Georgia do to deserve Jimmy the Peanut? Why hath thou afflicted us so?