Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Door a Final Look...For Now!

Sam and I got home from Delphos last night about 8 O'Clock...I was sitting down with a beer, resting my back and backside, watching the Reds come from behind to defeat the Brewers(yep, I know I said earlier I didn't watch much MLB anymore, but too tired and too cool out to sit out on the porch, smoke a cigar and listen to it on radio, like I did the previous evening). About 10:15 or so I see a vehicle pull up in our drive way, then the phone rings and a voice on the other end asks.."Is this Pat Houseworth?"...ok, who the Hell is calling this late, and who is sitting in my drive way? Turns out both answers were the same, my old post high school buddy Knap, along with Jack M. Turns out they had one of the "group" photos for me from the Saturday night "Red Door 40th Anniversary Union" I sauntered outside in PJs and a sweatshirt and talked with them for about 15 minutes.

Seems the crowd Saturday was even better than I thought....I had figured at least 500 folks and maybe more, since the crowd was coming and going, but as it turns out, management had a total of 1100 paid participants, with others getting in on VIP, sneaking in, that kind of crowd was what I used to have paid on a Friday and Saturday night during the Celina Lake Festival Days back in 74 and 75.....I hope the owners were pleased with the size and behavior of the pack.....something back in my days would never happen, if you got a thousand young pups and pup-ettes at The Door on any given night, there was going to be a fight or two. Great thing about getting older and more "refined"...can't move fast, so we gave up fighting...why waste the time and energy?

So it turns out, a great crowd, a good time, and some good memories....with the success, hopefully the owners can do this on occasion, like maybe this year's Lake Festival. I think some folks stayed away not knowing what to expect, I believe next time, it would only get bigger and better. Not that folks in their 50s and 60s can do this often, but once in a Blue Moon would be a good thing.
Thanks to Knap and Jack for the photo and the update.

Photos-The Bartending Gang, some had left the building, but this was a good representation from the 1966-1975 era. And me April 1975 and April 2008, don't think I've aged at all....:)

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~Fathairybastard~ said...

That's a great picture. Looks like a great bunch. I'd love to have a gathering like that with some of the folks I worked with while in college. Wonder where they are now sometimes.

BRUNO said...

What got my attention was, on the pic of you NOW, and the one of you THEN, the angle of your head---and, "the-look"---are exactly the same!

Did ya' plan it that way, or was it just a "fateful" shot?

pat houseworth said...

Just fate Bruno, guess that's just me....just more gray and a few more pounds.

FHB.....hopefully they can do this one in a great while, before we all die was a good time.

Buck said...

And me April 1975 and April 2008, don't think I've aged at all....:)

Not a day. ;-)

Mushy said...

I studied the photo long and hard and listen to the sounds it made in my mind...good times, good friends, and even I miss it already.

Thanks for sharing.

pat houseworth said...

Hey Buck, we only age in our minds....Mushy, that is a deep comment, thanks for that one....I was kind of thinking the same things, just didn't know how to word it.