Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day/Gas Prices and Other Ramblings

Tax Day...not a big concern, we had ours done back in February by our CPA.....since we(or I should say Patricia) has to work with Anissa's SSI accounts and Hal was and will be on our's in part through this year due to attending Wright State(not sure what the story will be now that he's be accepted to Grad School for the fall)....the tax BS is a complicated mess. But despite being an independent contractor and semi-retired, we still get back rather than pay in(because Patricia has a boat load taken out each pay), i.e. we let the freaking government use our money interest free.....but what the Hell? It's always nice to get back a nice chunk, because you know if you don't, you won't be saving it anyway.

Taxes, the way they are collected these days would make our founding fathers, Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin, spin in their graves at warp speed....the IRS is a legal crime syndicate, without a doubt.....a Flat Tax/Fair Tax should be the way to go, but let's face it folks, as long as liberals are in charge, and despite what the media would have you believe, liberals(Socialists) are in charge of almost every facet of our lives....and it's getting worse day by day.

I think Sam, who is an Independent Contract, does his via computer via Turbo Tax. He finally got his in this weekend, except today he walks his Celina City Tax forms up to City Hall.....love that waiting till the last minute thing.

I searched You Tube looking for suitable Tax Man videos by the Beatles, and some were pretty lame, on even had the Bush Administration as the Tax Man, no doubt posted by some liberal ass clown who never met a tax they didn't like, and then blames Bush who actually did lower taxes, one of the few good things he has done since he got in office....plus he put a couple of good Supreme Court Justices in, IMO....other than than, it's been the same old Washington nightmare as always. ANYWAY I did come up with a pretty good You Tube vid, with the Beatles tune as background.

Pretty good................at least I thought so.

Did the Greenville gig this morning and noticed the price of unleaded fuel, gas, petrol, had jumped to $3.45 a gallon locally....making the 120 mile round trips to umpire baseball a Hell of a lot less profitable...but what you gonna do? I've got contracts through 2010 in both baseball and football....so you bite it, making enough to pay for fuel, buy a few cigars, and a 12 pack if you're lucky. Listening to WLW in Cincinnati on the way home, I heard that it was up to $112.35 a barrel for "sweet crude", whatever the Hell that means? Only kidding, but I never could figure out why the coined it "Sweet", ain't nothing sweet about it, especially the cost.

You can blame the oil companies, government, or the Arabs, and they do have a part in the cost....but for the most part, you can look to Wall Street and look in the mirror, the speculators and the American consumer are to blame. Sure many of us have to drive long miles to get a pay check....but when you are in good health and can't walk a block or two to get to where you are going, you(and me) are a big part of the problem.

Columbus Grove(no where near Columbus), Ohio, is where I'm at the next 2 nights, then Sherwood Fairview, and then Antwerp on Friday....all between 55-60 miles one way....the weather looks better until at least Friday, so they say, hopefully Spring has turned the corner and we will get out more often....did mow the back 40 yesterday, will do the rest of the yard tomorrow, and Sam can take care of his Grandmothers for the rest of the mowing season, when he's home. One thing for sure, with better weather on the horizon, I will be spending much more time outside and less on the old internet.....Ohio weather stinks much of the year, and I plan on being out when it does turn nice.

Photos-Finally a look at Grand Lake with no ice, nice to see the sun bouncing off the small waves......and the ugly news...Unleaded $3.45 and down the road Diesel sets at $4.19 a gallon....


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Mushy posted a hilarious vid over at Silverbacks about taxes. Check it out.

Extortion, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could walk to work, no joke! Gas is killing me. My wife and I drive about 120 miles a day round trip. :-(

Buck said...

Harrison had every right to bitch when he recorded Tax Man. The British marginal rates for people in his income group were up to 98%, back then.

Thus: the exodus of rock stars (among others) from Britain in the 70s...

Ron Simpson said...

part of the fuel issues is that oil is traded on the commodities market. foolish.
if I lost my job and got unemployment it would almost break even on finances. cut out the costs of daycare and gas and it would almost cover my bills.