Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ohio's Spring Weather

When Spring strikes, you won't find me around the keyboards as much, especially if the weather stays like it has for much of the past 10 days(last weekend, especially Sunday being the exception)...yesterday topped out about 80 and was a little humid until about half way through my game at Lincolnview...then the small cold front pushed though and the temps dropped about 10 degrees, but the big difference was the wind, which picked up from the northeast to about 20 MPH.....that's just a small change in weather this time of year in Ohio.

Despite being a small (area wise) state with a large population, the various areas of Ohio have much different weather patterns and seasons....for example the northeast areas around Cleveland, Akron, and Ashtabula, have more snow and longer cold/cool weather than we do in the west and west central and northwest parts of the state. Meanwhile the Dayton/Cincinnati areas in the southwest and the Athens area in the southeast, where I went to school, have less snow and much earlier springs....I remember when at Hocking (Technical) College in Nelsonville back in the 70s, we would plan our Environmental field trips in early February, because the weather usually would warm up that early down in that region.

For the most part around these parts however, you never know what April and even May might bring....80 yesterday, 70 something tomorrow, with rain off and on through early next week....they were even calling for a touch of snow by Tuesday, but I see that has been tossed out of the thing for sure, a full blown warm up won't be likely to happen until after Memorial Day.

Today will be my shortest commute this baseball season(exceptions the 3 dates in Celina), heading the 8 miles to Coldwater for a non-league game with St. Marys. Both teams have strong baseball programs, but Coldwater's is one of the tops in the state over the years. With league games slated for tomorrow(rain?), both teams will not use their #1 pitchers in this one....but it should be a good game, well coached, fundamental teams.

Have been debating to get out the fishing equipment and trying my luck...but the weekend weather has been poor, and I've been at Greenville in the morning this week, but maybe I can give it a try next week, when/if the next warm up occurs.

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photos-a typical spring weather photo in Ohio...snow on the roses/and my fishing poles, still hanging around the garage, waiting to get some use.

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Mushy said...

You are just about 300 miles too far north...that's all.