Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baseball/Red Door & Old Time Rock N Roll

Drove the 60 miles each way to Hicksville yesterday and working with Sam(again) we did a varsity game between the Aces and Bryan, with gas jumping another 25 cents a gallon, guess it's good we have a few more games together this season....again tonight back at Delphos. Then more rain and even some snow for Sunday is in the forecast. I'm on my own, depending on rain, Thursday for a GMC league game at Hicksville, Friday a WBL game at St Marys, and Saturday a 2pm double header at Lincolnview(moved back because of SAT or ACT testing)...those games are in real jeopardy, at least looking at the forecast, but will take them one at a time. Sam will have other partners as well in various locations....I think we work together a couple of times next week.

As we sat in the bar at the Red Door Reunion last Saturday night, I had a chance to take in the music they were playing....some of it was from our years at the Door(67 through 75), but some was not exactly from that era or if it was, it was not stuff we were spinning....but I really didn't expect those younger DJs to know exactly what us old farts were rocking to back we could hit the bars all weekend, and be ready for a day shift come Monday morning....all-in-all, they did a great job selecting music, and most was enjoyable....although some of the stuff folks were trying to slow dance to, was pretty far fetched.

Guess I'm going to go back and attach 'labels' to these posts, I started out doing that, but lost interest(or got lazy), and have not been doing it of recent months like I should. Meaning, I have posted videos of my favorite type music, especially from the mid to late 60s and early and mid 70s, but forget what dates they were posted.....Bob Seger, CCR, and the Eagles have always been among my top groups, and individuals...added later on were Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson.

I really feel sorry for kids and young adults today...for the most part, the stuff they listen to is either total garbage, racist crap from rappers, or mindless maneusha for political active clowns.....a sad state of affairs. Now don't get me wrong, we had our own share of junk...left wing political dung from the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, "Bubble Gum" from many groups of one hit wonders...but we had good stuff as well, Motown, and southern rock were as good as it gets.

Here are some Videos off YouTube of a few of my favorites......

Seger with "Old Time Rock and Roll"(and video from Risky Business)

Lynrd Skynard and "Gimme 3 Steps"-live in concert

B.T.O. with "Takin Care of Business"(Keith Moon doing the intro)

and finally Creedence and "Lookin out my Back Door"

Enjoy if you please, and then go out and enjoy the day..........



~Fathairybastard~ said...

Excellent misical taste there. i just saw that Steve Miller and Joe Cocker are gonna be at an open venue in Austin June 1st called the Back Yard. Plan to head out there and get tickets.

pat houseworth said...

That is an interesting combo....should be excellent!

"Fly Like an Eagle"

The Hermit said...

I like Hank Williams, Hank William Jr, Johnny Cash, Merl Haggart, Porter Wagoner, Charlie Pride. Now those were musicians.

Buck said...

I had a fling with Seger back when "Night Moves" came out... bought about three of his albums then lost interest. The Second Mrs. Pennington was a big fan before he made it big, i.e., when she was in high school and Seger was playing two-bit bars all over Michigan (when the MI drinking age was still 18). I can't stand him today, mostly because he was over-played.

Now Joe Cocker! Wow! I'd go see him in a heartbeat!

pat houseworth said...

Hermit, good choices, old traditional country...that crap they are spewing out nowadays(except Straight, Trit, Jackson, and may Toby Keith), is pure "Bubble Gum" for the masses, mindless, safe, and boring.

Buck:..Seger was overplayed, much like the Beatles, Stones, etc....but I still have about 15 favorites I "burned" and play in the car....same goes for CCR....the only artist I can not stand from the old days is that limp wristed whimp Bruce Sprinsteen...saw that little turd in Athens at Ohio University back in 76 and still can't stand the sight or sound of him and his that's my rant. ;]

Shrinky said...

Oh man! I don't know whether to kick you or hug you - some great classics IN there - but, DARN IT now I'm feeling OLD!!

Jerry said...

Just discovered your blog. You're right. Today's music is disposable. I do a Friday Sock Hop on my blog of 60s, 70s, and 80s music. I started listening to country for a while around 1990.

Good music picks!

pat houseworth said...

Well Shrinky, we are just older but better....:)

Thanks for stopping by Jerry, drop by again.

david mcmahon said...

Maybe next time I should get down there and accompany you.

pat houseworth said...

You(and the rest) are welcome anytime David......another shot of the Motley Crew coming up tomorrow.