Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mersman's Last Stand

Driving around yesterday with 5 photos left on the disposal camera from the Saturday Red Door Reunion, I headed over to Mersman to get a couple final shots of the now nearly total destruction. As luck would have it, I stuck the Polaroid out the car window and took a couple of the water tower, which was the last of the building lot to be leveled.

It worked out well, when I returned last evening from Lima Shawnee from the Shawnee 10-0 victory over Delphos St. Johns, the tower was down and is now scrap...the last piece of the 100 year old factory is now rubble, bricks, trash, and solid oak beams are the value items left....items to be sold by the contractors.

Got up to 71 yesterday with sun, the first(and last for awhile) 70 degree day, rain moves in later today and a possible snow and rain mix by the weekend.

Sam and I work together again tonight at Hicksville(yep, real name), where the Aces play perennial power Bryan in a non-league varsity game. The round trip is close to 60 miles, so with the price of fuel, guess it's better to work together on these long runs....tomorrow we are back at Delphos Jefferson, and then Thursday I head back to Hicksville, with a different partner, and a league game with Ayresville....of course the rest of the week is going to require dodging rain, if we can.

More later................
Photos-Mersmans, for the first time in over 100 years, West Livingston Steets can view the neighbors on West Wayne.....and the final photo of the original water tower, the top photos show it is no more.


Mushy said...

Like us, it's only dust in the wind!

Thanks for turning me onto Footnote...I'm having fun there.

BRUNO said...

Indeed, it IS dust in the wind. But thanks to the pictoral history, it's also now a collection of permanent "shades to the past"!