Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day after the attack of the worm/Red Door Reunion

Games all around the area were rained out yesterday. The main rain left us about 9AM, but a miserable drizzle, mist, stuck around until after midnight, and then turned to fog, which has lifted as we approach the noon hour....sun has finally broken through, but for how long? Rain is predicted for Monday again.....the mid-day games were cancelled today due to wet Celina asked Sam and me if we could do a JV double header at 5 this afternoon on the Artificial Infield at Eastview Park.....took the gig, should get done around 9pm, which will still give me time to walk up to the Red Door Reunion.

Amazed how many people have contacted me about whether I was going to show...I had actually though of blowing the thing off, 35 years is a long time, although I still did hang out at "Bumpkins", the later day Red Door, back in the early and mid 80s...I have not been in the building since it closed when I was working inspections at the Mercer County Health Department, in 84 or 85.

The local rag, The Daily Standard,( or as I called it back in my radio days, The Daily Worker/Slander...for a lily white conservative county, we had the farthest left wing newspaper you could find west of the New York Times, some real left leaning ass clowns were in charge of the editorials, and believe me, those SOBs were American haters in the nt degree, it was so bad if you wrapped fish in it, that would improve the smell) put together a nice story on the reunion this past week.

So, I will see how things work out tonight, and if I can still walk after a double header on fake grass....details later.

Meanwhile, Patricia is working on the post worm infected computer, some stuff lost, but for the most part, nothing that can't be replaced, and much of the material that takes forever to load up was saved. Things for me, will take longer, I'm no Edison, or is it Einstein, when it comes to computer savvy.

photos-Topo map of Celina, Ohio, just in case you never knew....and do you recognize this mug? Billy Mumy from "Lost in Space" as a kid and a more recent shot....Billy was/is among the most famous of child actors of the 60s...the only reasons I bring him up, I need to redo my photo files, and am out of "hands ready old photos" and the fact Bill is a 2nd cousin or so....when doing my genealogy work I came across many Mumys' in the family gene pool, and it turns out Bill's grandfather was married to my grandfather's sister, many a Mumy buried in the same cemetery, Blue Creek Township, in Paulding County, Ohio, as my Houseworth line.....his family left Ohio around the turn of the century, last century that is, headed for Kansas, and his dad eventually ended up in southern California.....we claim him, as well as the late Burt Lahr, the Cowardly Lion from Oz, who is on mom's side as 'family', from back east.


Shrinky said...

Ah, so showbiz runs in your veins, huh? Little wonder you were a Dj at one time (smile).

I'm too scared to scratch our family history, from what I've been told they were a pretty unsavoury bunch. At least hubby's side can lay claim to soe saintly blood - here's hoping his side can tip the balance in the gene pool for the kids.

Shame about the weather - hope the reunion makes up for it.

pat houseworth said...

Not to worry Shrinky, I've got horse theives and bar room murderers among the dead, I can only hope not with us living.....every family has sinners and saints, and most of us be the former.

BRUNO said...

Well, according to my Mom, her Mom was, I dunno, a 5th-or-"umpteenth" cousin to Frank and Jesse James. My sister was "diggin' up old bones" on the subject, just before she passed away. And, according to what little paperwork she had done, it appeared to be legit.(Don't know if I want to claim any of Jesse's "Railroad Retirement Benefits" as my own, or not, though!)

As for in-(out!)laws: Show me ONE who HASN'T been, or ISN'T currently, incarcerated, and I'll pay YOU $50.00! My wifes' uncle John Boley takes the top prize---murder in the first-degree. But he got out for good behavior, after doing 30 years. Actually, he's one of the NICEST of the whole damned bunch. Hell, he even SPOKE to me, about 10 years ago---he wanted $20 bucks. I told him he could have FIFTY, if he'd just please "disappear", and not show up again.

It worked! I must be related to a freakin' MAGICIAN, as well, somewhere...!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

There's a post int hat somewhere Bruno.

And I LOVED Lost in Space. The early black n white shows had an edge to them. Loved Mumy in everything he did. Too bad he didn't make the transition the Happy Days guy made. saw ihim in a few things as an adult and thought he was cool enough to make it. he must not have wanted it.