Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Long Triple Header Saturday

2 Saturdays in a row, I was assigned to a 3 way...or triple header. A baseball 3 way is when you get 3 schools meeting in one place over a Saturday Afternoon. It usually involves the home team playing in Games #1 and #2, while the 2 visiting teams take on each other in Game #2 while the home team takes a break. Last Saturday I went north to Antwerp, and did 3 Varsity contests, yesterday it was to Van Wert for a JV get together with Van Wert, Napoleon, and Elida.

My partners were George and Terry whom I have worked with on occasion....I arrived at 10:30 and George was already there, and getting the plate gear on....since he had never worked a 3 man crew, he wanted to see how the "rotation" in the field worked. I have done a half dozen or so games, but am no means an expert of the 3 man crew...but told them I would take 3rd base and we would work our way around it...with the exception of a minor pissing match with coaches during game #2 over a non balk call, which ended up being called, the games went long but uneventful...last week I was at the Park for just under 9 hours...yesterday turned out even longer, about 9 hours 10 minutes.

Trust me, that is a long day, even with the spring like(windy again) weather we had yesterday...I had the plate for the final game and took a foul tip off the top of my shoulder in the last inning, which probably bounced 20 feet into the air after hitting the bone...needless to say, I can still feel that, and the rest of my tired body this morning...not sure how many 3 ways I may want to do next season. Last year I did 4 games in the summer, 2 American Legion, and 2 ACME in the same day...but did have a 2 hour break inbetween. Even though I consider myself in pretty good shape for 61, the body takes a beating on days like yesterday.

Today it mowing day...I will take care of mom's yard, and Patricia will handle the work over at Anissa's place....I got ours done on Friday....after that I will vegetate, and sit outside and drink a beer or 2 and maybe smoke a cigar.....I would mention that my favorite NHL team the Philly Flyers host the NY Rangers today, with the winner take the final playoff spot before the Stanley Cup begins this week. However, the Flyers have stunk up the Ice of late, and with the underachieving millionaires they have...I really don't care if they make it or not. I won't be watching!

Tomorrow I'm back at Van Wert, for a Varsity Non-League Game between the Cougars and visiting Sherwood Fairview, some personal history with this, but it should be a competitive game none-the-less.

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Gene Bach said...

3 games in a row makes for a loooong day.

PRH....... said...

No doubt Gene, especially when you have reached the 60 year old range...but it's still better than sitting around.

Today I relaxed by hanging around outside with my daughter, then mowing a yard....I'll take 70 and sunshine anytime in April in west Ohio.