Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Rains of April

Last night and then again tonight my games were rained out....the rains ended, but we got drenched with over an inch in the overnight, and then cool weather moved in, giving the fields in Anna and elsewhere, no time to dry out.
That moved me to looking back at the blog from last April and the weather that occurred after an early warm spell in March...Bingo! Things are much the same this year....although it has been somewhat warmer. The next few days are predicted to see a warming trend(however,nothing like the past week) and some dry weather, but that appears it will be short lived and things will get cooler and wetter later next week....throw a dart at the weather map and see if it sticks. If the fields dry out, I travel to Allen East tomorrow, then a triple header, JV Style(one of a handful of non Varsity games, mostly on Saturdays, that I have this baseball season), at Van Wert on Saturday, and back at Van Wert again Monday...sometimes the schedule ends up giving you more games at a single location that you would like...this year with Van Wert on my schedule on 5 dates, is one of those. You don't want to be seen at one location more than a couple of time....familiarity can breed contempt, in more ways than one. Most seasons I am alert to taking a team to many times, some years you just miss what's on your schedule, and hope for a couple of rainouts.
Brackets Won!

Not sure if I mentioned that I won a 85 player group in the MAC online NCAA Bracket, when Duke won the Semi-Final to clinch it for me...the fact the Blue Devils won the Championship was icing on the cake.
Before the playoffs had started, Patricia brought me home a couple of brackets from we found out, she had won the top prize. I'm not sure if it was the one I filled out or hers...but regardless, coming in first in 2 brackets, thanks to Duke making a good run, brings a smile and a few bucks our way.....

College Hockey____

This afternoon the NCAA Frozen Four kids off in Detroit. First game it's Wisconsin's Badgers against upstart RIT(Never heard of them until this year), that being Rochester Institute of Technology out of upstate New York. The second game features Boston College against number one ranked Miami of Ohio. Miami's Redhawks have a local kid in Goal...Cody Reichart took the Redhawks to within a minute of the National Championship last year...but gave up 2 goals in the last minute to Boston University(the other Boston team) and lost the championship in a heartbreaker.

Despite sharing the goal tending duties, Reichart was named player of the year in the CCHA this season, and is the hunt for the Hobie Baker Award as college hockey's player of the year....hopefully the Ohio team can bring home the cup this time around.

If you may notice I have not talked much political garbage the past week or design is my response. The political doings in DC and the media have so outraged me of late....I believe it's best I take a break for a few reason letting the anger and frustration get the best of me....the Son of a Bitch in the White House and his lemming like henchman, are not going to change, and all we can do is wait this Marxist Bastard out.....defeat them in 2010 and run his sorry ass out of office in 2012.

No, I'm not done talking politics, but am tired of pissing in the wind while preaching to the, cigars, and quality beer drinking, is more on the agenda for the month of April and the weather warms, I will get back into the swing of things.

I have mushroom hunts, fishing, time outdoors, and living my life to be concerned with...screw the politicians, since it appears that regardless of party or stripes, the bastards in DC and the various statehouses, are all out for power.

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photos-The April rains play havoc with the Spring baseball season in Ohio, nothing new there. The NCAA Basketball Brackets were busted just enough to hand me some bucks...and Celina Native Cody Reichart trys to help Miami's Redhawks bring home the NCAA National Championship this time around, after a runner up spot last season.

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