Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Duke Blue Devils brought home NCAA Title #4 last night over upstart Butler(Indiana) out of the Horizon Conference, and it wasn't easy. The final 61-59 as Butler missed a half court shot to win it at the final buzzer....and it was a heart stopper:

As my friends and family know, I have been a Duke fan for almost 30 years, ever since I noticed the style of play and the type of players that Coach K brought to the ultra Liberal private school....yep, me, rooting for a bunch of smart kids from a school ingrained with bullshit Liberal standards...go figure?

A great defensive game by both teams....playing actual basketball, not that run, gun, and dunk garbage(UNLV, Memphis, Michigan, UCONN, etc) that we have seen over the past decades....it was a game for people that enjoy the finer points of the game, the strategy, and passion unseen in professional sports, and even in most large college games...2 private schools battling it out to the very end.

Congratulations to both schools......and their fans.

Another warm day today...82, and it looks like Garry and I will get our game in at Van Wert tonight...tomorrow night we are scheduled to work together again, this time at Convoy Crestview...that game is in serious doubt, with an 80% chance of Thunderstorms, then a couple of cool and maybe wet days to follow. Regardless, I cannot complain about the late March and early April weather so far.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much that Duke won as it was that Butler lost.......

PRH....... said...

Whatever Anon....Butler played well, Duke was the better team. But all the anti-Duke fans are predictable as rain in April...we Duke fans are used to the "haters".