Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green, Green,

Awoke this morning to a strong northeast wind, a mix of clouds/sun, and cool temperatures...something you would expect for late April. The clouds that had brought the weekend rains, finally broke up in mid afternoon yesterday, but not before depositing a few more drops, and cancelling the scheduled baseball games in the area....mine at Fort Jennings was moved to May 14th. As luck of the schedule would have it, I have FJ at Spencerville on the schedule for tonight...will the wind and sun dry things off in time to play that NWC game? Maybe.

I had planned on mowing both our and Mom's yards today...but after a quick trip outside and to the bank....I may or may not get that done...the yards are drying, but I'm not a big fan of mowing in cold weather, and trust me, with the wind...it does feel a bit like March....I may wait for warmer temperatures tomorrow.

The rains, which we had been lacking for a couple of weeks, did do one thing...they greened up the grass big time....once the sun came out yesterday afternoon, The Airedale Reagan, and I headed out to the back yard....I poured a Guinness Extra Stout, and fired up a torpedo...and enjoyed those and the moderate temps. I snapped a couple of photos, of me, Reagan, and the bright green backyard...amazing how a month changes things in nature.

While we await the outcome of youngest son Hal's interview at an area High School, confident that whether he gets this job or not, that he is indeed working in this Obama Depression(both the economy and state of mind)...and things are working out for him. Meanwhile, oldest son Sam, entering his Junior year at Ohio State at the ripe old age of 28, will be doing his own interview for a summer internship this afternoon at Springfield, Ohio. Sam, who headed back to school after the bottom dropped out of the economy and the Recreational Vehicle business, is majoring in Actuarial Science, and has been a regular on the Dean's List at OSU, with grades in the 3.7(out of 4.0) range. Actuarial Science is closely aligned with the Insurance business and the rates they use and charge...takes Math skills, which both sons were blessed with, unlike their old man....I may have majored in the Biological Sciences...but I never claimed to be an expert, not even close...even after 20 years working in the Environmental Health field. I was always more comfortable behind the radio microphone, home plate, or serving up drinks in the local pubs.

I can say that despite 20 years at the 2 Health Departments I have worked, or faked working at a variety of occupations....Even while in the Environmental Health Field, I was always working doing something else as well...whether it be radio, cable TV, or sports officiating. Since my retirement from EH, I have worked a variety of part time jobs, including the 5+ year stint driving RVs across the country....and with something else in the works, I may add another "occupation" to that list.

Time for a 3rd cup of coffee, and then decide if I will mow, 1, 2, or zero, yards today...before the game at 5pm.

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Photos-Me, with a pint of Guinness Extra Stout in hand and Cigar, and Reagan were out in the greening back yard yesterday, after the clouds parted.


The Lonely Conservative said...

It snowed here today. Yuck. It should warm up before our son's first game Thursday. Starting next week we'll have two boys in two leagues. Let the fun begin!

PRH....... said...

Yep LC...I remember my time at Griffiss Air Force Base, outside Rome, NY...it snowed on June 5, 1971.....the piles of snow that had accumlated that winter(70-71)around the flight line, didn't melt until July 4th....

What a winter that was!!!

FHB said...

Yea, I think that math shit skips a generation. My dad could still add stuff in his head at 85. But there's a really good reason why I don't teach it. REALLY GOOD!

pretty yard, and I like the cigar and beer shot.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Good luck to your son. The job market is tight as hell. My daughter is an Intervention Specialist and Social Studies teacher and is still looking. Many teachers, not so many openings. We'll have a social studies opening in 2011-12, but nothing next year. What a shame for young teachers.