Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Today is Good Friday....please remember what this weekend is about.

Spent yesterday bending the back, hauling out the trash/junk to the curb for the annual Celina Pick that I've got it out there, hopefully Saturday's now predicted rain will not materialize....for the trash haulers, sake, and my triple header baseball up in Antwerp. A long day, but a pretty good paycheck if we get those games in.

Taking out the Trash____

There are good advantages and bad for having a 25 wide by 30 foot deep detached garage...the good is they hold a lot of things...the bad is, the hold a lot of things. After my Aunt Eva went into the nursing home back in 1996, I was in charge of cleaning out the Scott, Ohio, home that had been in the family since 1933...when she passed away in 1998, there was 65 years of memories, collectibles, and "junk". Eva, her sister Cecil, and my Grandmother Wilda Houseworth, had lived in that house, either or 3 or at least 1 at a time for 65 years...and as I have mentioned before, they threw out nothing...they were the ultimate "pack rats". My cousins, Linda and Marty, worked our way though that house in 1996....and much of it ended up in my basement and the garage. My 750 floor space of garage and much of the basement didn't look so big any longer.

The past 14 years I have sold some, gave some to family, tossed some out, and stored away the rest. On the days of Spring Cleanups, I have selected some items to toss....this year I decided to take back the garage and the basement, and anything I deemed not worthy of being classified a antique or collectible, was going to get the heave-ho. Over this past week, with good and rare March weather upon us...I made a dent in the unwanted stuff, but still didn't get all taken care of. However, I did get much done, and can actually fit 2 large cars in the garage, and can walk about the basement without dodging the stuff sitting year should be easier, especially with the boys and their collections moved out. Well at least moved out, they still have plenty here, but at least I have much of that packed away...and after we're gone, they can go through it and keep and toss what they wish.

Amazing what a couple collects over the years...and how quickly that collection builds.

That's it for the day....praise the Lord today and remember the real reason we celebrate the Easter Season.

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Photos-Easter Weekend is here. The Garage looks much larger, now that the excess junk has been dispatched to the curb...where the local scavengers have already sorter through what they deem valuable. Patricia had time in between school sessions to create and bake the Easter Bunny Cake for her friend Dawn and her Grandkids.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Isn't it amazing that our children move out and leave their stuff with us? I'm in the same mode this weekend.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Gene Bach said...

You need to see my wife when you talk about pack rats. WHOA!!!