Friday, April 30, 2010

"Wild Wings"

It appears we will have a windy warm one today, then another wet weekend ahead...storms for later tonight and through until Sunday...bummer! After 3 weekends, getting in 7 games, tomorrow appears headed for a possible wash out...but you never know.

Last night Veteran/Hall of Fame umpire/official Dave West and I had a NWC game at Ada, Ohio....Crestview won a 5 inning run ruled contest 12-2 with Dave behind the plate. We are scheduled to work Monday in a key NWC match up at Lima Central Catholic against Columbus Grove. I'll do the "dish" at that one, if the fields dry out from the weekend rains....

Dave at 62 is just a year older than me, but has a world of experience in the 3 sports we both do....while I started doing baseball again later in life and more recently picked up Football then Basketball, Dave had over 100 seasons worked in the 3 sports...37 years in Football, 35 in round ball and 33 in Baseball...looks like 105 seasons worked, makes my 20 some pale in comparison....and that's why he's getting inducted into the Ohio HS Athletic Association Hall of Fame for Officials.

After the game I headed a few miles south and west to Allen East, where Garry was finishing up his game between AE and ended as I got there, and we made our way towards Buffalo Wild Wings on the west side of Lima.....a couple of brews, and we downed some Wild Buffalo Wings...he ordered his with the "Wild Sauce", and without thinking, I said "That sounds good to me!"....turns out the sauce is the hottest of the varieties....tastes good, but I could only down 4 of the half dozen I ordered, gave Garry the rest. My tongue feels it this morning. Damn was that stuff hot...a couple of cold ones when I got home eased the pain, but I still feel the burn this morning, wish I had taken a couple of photos of the things.

Game between home team Ottoville and Spencerville tonight, then will wait to see what tomorrow brings weather wise.....more rain means more green in the yard, and more lawns to mow and more often....such is Spring in Ohio.

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Photos-A lone Cardinal gets his morning ration of feed, before the Squirrels and scavenger Sparrows run him off.....and the Buffalo Wild Wing location on Lima's west side...the scene of last night's "Wild Sauce"....Hot, Hot, stuff I tell you.


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We got blue ones around here.

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