Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Obama Voter Day(aka April Fools Day)!!

Sunshine and nearing 80 today in west Ohio...must be that damn Global Warming...That Fat Windbag Al Gore has to be doing his Chicken Little impression looking at the warmth in the Midwest and the flooding on the Eastern Seaboard.

Made the 60 mile drive to Benjamin Logan High School south and east of Celina in Logan Country.....windy warm day. When I arrived I met up with Richard, an umpire out of Anna, Ohio, who I last worked with in the Summer American Legion Tournament(Ottawa Run) at Columbus Grove last June. I told him it was his turn to do the plate....glad I did, the game ended up being almost 3 hours long...quite long for a Varsity Contest.

Visiting Wapakoneta fell behind 7-0 at the end of the 2nd inning...then proceeded to scratch their way back off the Raiders bullpen...cutting the lead t0 8-3 entering the 6th it still seemed like home standing Ben Logan will prevail. However the Redskins score 1 in the 6th, 4th in the 7th(3 after 2 outs) to tie it at 8-8, sending the game to extra innings...Wapak put another 4 spot on the scoreboard in the 8th and came away with a 12-8 was almost dark by the time I headed the Intrepid towards Mercer County and arrived well after dark.

Tonight I was scheduled to head for Fort Jennings for a Varsity game with Lincolnview...however, with the field at Jennings still wet from the weekend rains...the contest has been moved to the Lancers home at Lincolnview. A shorter drive by some 15 miles each way....which will give me time, when I'm done here, to haul the "Trash Pickup Day" junk to the curb.

Happy Obama Voter Day!___________

Today is indeed April Fools Day! And there are no bigger fools on this planet that those that voted for the evil that resides in the White House of Marxism and with a middle finger salute, I proclaim this day as one to honor you that voted for and continue to support the Kenyan and Thief!

Speaking of trash(see above)....I best get to my morning's work....back later

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