Monday, April 26, 2010

Wash Out!

After getting in 15 straight games, Saturday saw my double header at Convoy rained out...and probably about half the other scheduled games, depending on which side of the storms you were on. Yesterday around Noon, the rains began again, and we still have showers at this hour in the area. A pretty sure bet that my game at Fort Jennings is going to get cancelled....things may start to dry out before Tuesday, but those games are in danger of getting postponed as far, unlike last season, most of the League games are getting played, and depending on the next couple of weeks, there may not be a large amount of make up games....regardless, my schedule if full, so no help from this side.

Mom and Mike made it back from Florida about 4pm yesterday....just in time for the warm and dry weather to make it's exit...and cooler and rain to return.

Patricia finished up her work at Bowling Green State University over the weekend...and became a Martha Jennings Scholar. Now, I have to admit that I have no clue as to what that is...but it is apparently a good thing, and she received a nice silver tray in addition to continuing education requirements completed...Congrats to my hard working wife...

Youngest son Hal is at an area High School at this hour, teaching a class on Social Studies...this is the final "interview" for the position that is open...Hal, once again, is in the final cut...and is one of 4 to be given a chance at the opening. Hopefully it all goes well, our prayers are with him....few regular teaching jobs out there at this point. The Ohio Economy, like the nation, is in the crapper, and despite what you read and hear from the main stream media....the economic times are not improving...Obama's Press is lying to protect his failed Presidency....things will get worse, before(or if) they improve.

Anyway, Hal is working with Autistic Kids and has a job...but his goal is to teach History in the Classroom, and work with the autistics on a part time(in the evening) basis....we will see how things work out.

Best of Luck Hal!

Not much else to type....but will be back when something jumps out....



Shrinky said...

I'm sending out lots of postive thoughts, and keeping everything crossed for Hal, when is the position likely to be filled? As to Patricia, seems she never sits still, that's one hard working girl you have there Pat, you have cause to be very proud of her. Sorry the weather was a washout, but at least you managed to get a few games in first, eh?

PRH....... said...

Hal should find out way or the other. He seems to believe all went well, but of course the decision is in other hands...and he is and will continue to work with the Autistic Kids, regardless of the outcome.

And Patricia is down to 5 weeks left in the school year, I'm sure she is glad for the upcoming break...

Great work on the blog front Shrinky...keep up the fine work.