Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to Basketball....Agenda 21 is Evil!

Trying to get my physical health back to normal, whatever the Hell that might be, and Tuesday night I donned the black basketball sneakers and walked on the floor at Delphos St. Johns for a girls Junior High Scrimmage...two hours and some change later, I walked off the ancient floor at the "Vatican" feeling pretty good, sure my left foot was sore, but it and I survved.  I have come to the conclusion that almost any physical activity that requires me to use my legs and feet is going to have an adverse effect  on my left foot, heel, and's something I will have to learn to live with, sitting on my ass for the remainder of my days is not an option...I get enough of that, sitting at this computer for a couple of hours each morning, something else than needs to be curtailed.

I am back at DSJ tonight for another scrimmage, a Boys JH get together...meanwhile their Boys Varsity squad is in waiting, as like it is almost every post season, the Football team is still involved in the State Playoffs, now in week #3.  Other MAC schools still alive are St. Henry and Marion Local, who play tomorrow night, one will be gone, the other will move on, probably with a date with DSJ in D6 .  Also Coldwater, in D5 they will likely make another State Title game.  From the WBL, Ottawa-Glandorf, still unbeaten, moves on in D4.  Basketball and Football clashing for the high school sports pages.

Politics and "Agenda 21"......?

With the elections over, for the most part, there are still some undecided races which the left is bound and determined to steal for themselves, such as the Allen West seat in Florida...the nation could move on and we could get along....sure, but not a fu**ing chance!  I for one, have no intention of "getting along" with a collection of hard left asshats, that want to destroy our very way of life, by letting Government control our every move and our every dime.   Barack Obama and his toadies can go straight to Hell, a place most are likely headed for anyway, and if I end up joining them, I can deal with it....

Politics be dammed, the world is a much more sinister and diabolicial place these days...a particularlly nasty item is on the horizon...the UN Agenda 21 and no it is not a Conspiracy Plot.

A nasty agenda by the totally corrupt United Nations....if this doens't bring Jesus back, I'm not sure anything will.  Glenn Beck is on the frontline to put out the word on this planned Nazi like program, which is designed to destroy all those who will nor comply or those unable to fend for themselves...even many Liberals, as lame minded as they are, are not on board for this.  The United Nations must go....back to Hell from where it came.

And so, the madness continues.....and Ohio is on the watch list:

Well that appears to be enough happy talk and fun for now...

back later>>>>

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