Monday, November 19, 2012

Is America, as we knew it, Finished?

 Quick moving weekend to say the least, and this week will likely move by just as quickly.  Saturday we drove to Centerville, and along with 30 family members and friends of both Hal and Lisa, we celebrated grandson Kasyn's first birthday.  He was born last November 24th which was Thanksgiving evening, but with his actual birthday falling on the day of Ohio State/Michigan Football, the parents thought it best do it a week early.  They rented out the club house at the Centerville swim club they belong to, and we celebrated for a few hours.....Patricia, Anissa, and I, returned home about 6pm, making the 95 mile drive in less than 2 hours, in time for me to catch the final half plus overtime of the Buckeye win at Wisconsin.  OSU goes into the final game against Michigan with an 11-0 record, but ineligible to participate in the Big Ten Championship or Bowl Games...but a win over the hated rivals would top off the season, none-the-less.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, we will celebrate at sister Marty's place and then Saturday, Hal, Lisa, and Kasyn will be here as we watch OSU and celebrate his actual first birthday.....all that before I head to Ottawa-Glandorf before my first regular season game of the season, Saturday Night....a girls game between O-G and Miller City.  A busy week ahead, to say the least.

Is America Finished?

A simple question, with no simple answer....but by the looks of it, I would answer "Yes" least the America I grew up in.

We are faced with a divided Republic, one where an illegal Kenyan born Marxist can lie, cheat,  and steal his way into the nation's highest office, all while the so-called "fifth estate" stands by and cheers him on.  His 50% give or take a percentage point are stacked into one of two groups.  "Losers" or "Power hunger Elites".  The first group being the rag tag band of illegals, the  uneducated, bastard children by the dozen producing non productive leaches on society and the American Taxpayer.  The second group are the university hacks, union thug leaders, and American hating, Islamic terrorist loving, fools.  Tossed in are those ignorant to really know what is going on....they call themselves "Moderates".

The Democrat Party is now what Joe McCarthy, D-Wisconsin, told us what they were back in the late 1940s and early to mid 50s...."Reds", Communists, them what you will.  Tail Gunner Joe was right, and they are now in charge.  From the public schools, at all levels, to the universities, the courts, and the halls of Congress in Washington DC.  The GOP?  Well the Grand Ol' Party is not much better, look at the sad sack of national Candidates they put out....people the press and left call "Far Right Extremists"...really?, Really?  Mitt Romney, John McCain, the Bush Gang, Bob Dole????  Far Right?  Give me a freaking break....moderates at best, liberals closer to it.....yes indeed, our founding fathers, if watching from where, if anyplace, they can view the good ol' USA,  have to be shaking their heads in anger and disbelief, to see what the country they gave their blood, sweat, and lives for has become.   It's not coming back folks, at least without Revolution.....

I'm to old to worry much about it....Hell, the Obama Care Death Panels will take care of me before things change for the better...if they ever do.

How can the Republic be saved you might ask, short of bloodshed?  I don't have the answer, although a peaceful succession might be called for....let the Left have New England, the Rust Belt of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois,Minnesota, ect....and the Left Coast of California, Oregon, and Washington State....real Ameicans keep the rest.  Let's see how the elites and the lazy survive without the rest of us.....move the Capital of the New United States to Texas, split the Military, and tell the Liberal States of Amerika to pound sand.  Do I think that will happen?  Probably not anytime soon, but eventually we will split.  Even if "Real Amerians", those being Conservative, Christian, right leaning Jews, Libertarians, and Atheists, where abortion and perversion are frowned on still make up a large percentage of the population...sure we are out numbered by the numbskulls, and those that worship Obama and American Idols, but we are in the multi-million and still are the working class that actually don't covet "Free Stuff" and the Nanny State.

But the question I asked was "Is America, as we knew it{and the Founding Fathers planned} Finished"?   Without Question that answer is YES.....we have been taken over from within.....let the Revolution begin.

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