Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow!

As I walked out of St. John Lutheran Church last night from another sorry performance at Dartball, John and I noticed the first snow of any actual amount of the 2012-13 winter...it ended up, kind of like my Dartball last evening, not to be much, just a small dusting was on the ground and roof this morning when I crawled out of bed...late for me to be sure, it was 8:45 a full two hours later than when I arose yesterday morning.  I walked out to give the birds and Squirrels their morning ration of feed and seed, then made the coffee, a full pot in the HB Brew Station, and headed for the shower.  That has been my morning thus far, and here I am almost two hours into my day.

Perhaps the main reason for my late rise this AM was the fact that when I got home from Dartball, I embarked on "testing" a couple of brews I had not tried in the past....the First was Merry Monks out of the Weyerbacher a ass kicking 9.3% alcohol triple ale...that was enough to make me slide back in my leather recliner and flip the remote between a miserable Monday Night match-up between two teams heading south in the standings, Carolina and Philly and Fox News as the miserable son of a bitch called Barack Obama{i.e. The Kenyan} continues to drag the Republic down to Islamic/3rd World levels...with those choices in front of me, I uncapped a Christmas Ale, this one from a Louzeeanna Brewery called Abetia...I think it was pretty solid, but after the Merry Monks I really can't remember....by the time I finished that, I was ready for the sack, and somehow I had lost a couple of hours....it was past Midnight, well past!

Back to Dartball, we lost 2 of 3 to fall to 6 wins 9 loses on the year....as for me?  Well my average dropped to .305 while my RBI total reached 9, the first one good for second on the team and the second in a three way tie for first....for only the second time in the last 15 years or so, I really don't have my eyes focused on the board...305?  My Dart ego is taking a beating...I've only finished below .400  three times in the past, and one of those was with a bad back in 2007-08, another was last year when I finished just below .400, this year looks like I am going to be well below that this season.  One of the young guys (19) Tyler has taken over my spot however, and his hitting .361 in the lead off spot....our team, with the exception of me, is a very young team....but the kids are improving, while the rest of us middle and older gents are either holding our own, or in my case, falling slowly back in the pack.

Tonight it's back to Basketball Officiating...I'm off to Spencerville for a Girls JH double header, that will be followed Thursday the same at Paulding, then Friday the first real test on my foot and heel, a Boys JV game back at Spencerville, as they take on the wife's school St. Henry, two man JV games, especially at the boys level are about to become a thing of the past.  I have a handful or more this season, and a few for next year, but, a big but, if I survive those I will end that portion of my basketball officiating, let the younger guys do those.

That is the week ahead, as Basketball comes calling in the few weeks before Christmas...where the Hell has 2012 went?  Time is rushing by.....in the blink of an eye.

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Photos-The First Snow fall has come, and is slowly melting...already this morning.  Dartball, my days as a top tier player seem to be coming to an end...old age or lack of concentration?  A bit of both?  And Abita was one of the two new Ales I tried last night....both this and Merry Monks had a "Kick"!

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