Friday, November 30, 2012

More Changes...Sam off to Chicagoland?

After working a Junior High double header at Paulding last night I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will have to deal with the pain, if I am to continue working basketball, over the next few months.  After a JV Boys game at Spencerville tonight, I take a couple of days off, then the "real" action begins.  With the exception of the Christmas week, beginning Monday, and lasting through the middle of February, I am scheduled to do anywhere from 8 to 10 games per week, with many of those being packed into Junior High double will be a test on my feet, heels, legs, and back....not to mention the rest of my aging body.

Before we started last night my partner Larry and I introduced ourselves to the coaches, when the young man coaching the 7th grade Paulding team introduced himself, the name immediately rang a bell, and after some conversation, he pointed out his dad, Bob, in the stands with his mother...Small World!  His dad Bob and his Uncle Bill are cousins, whom I had not talked with in probably 14 or more years...since the demise of the "Waldron" Family Reunions, when Aunt Eva, and Marty Poling died, the family reunions on that side, faded away as well.  I talked with Bob and wife between games, both which were won by arch rival Wayne Trace by close margins.....I headed home, and was in the drive-way by 8:30.

Sam, off to Chi-town!

After six months of searching for a major job, after graduation, it appears that oldest son Sam has finally landed a job related to his field....sure he had just gotten started with an underpaid underwriting position in Columbus, but he was still looking for an Actuarial job...he had been interviewing hard, and traveled as far as Houston, Texas, when a college friend recommended him to a large corporation just on the outskirts of Chicago.  The job is not in insurance and not exactly Actuarial related, but the pay and benefits are good, and he will be working with math, spreadsheets, and a Inventory Operational Specialist...once he passes the background check and drug screening, he will begin on December 10th, and it looks like he will immediately join his supervisor in Las Vegas at the opening of a new location.

Hopefully this will be his ticket, to getting out of his element, paying off the student loans, paying back his mom some of the bucks he borrowed from her...but at least, even in an expensive area like Chicago, the money he will be making, if all goes well, will get him out of the expenses he had incurred as a "older' college graduate...he turns 31 the week after beginning his new job.  Good Luck Sam!

In the meantime, Nick and I will take Nick's new 4x4 Ford Pick-Up and head to Columbus to drag some of  Sam's stuff home for garage storage, until he can find an apartment near his job in the western Chicago bergs....then Nick and I will take a road trip to the "second city" with Sam's gear.

Tomorrow Patricia and I will join Hal, Lisa, and Kasyn, on a train ride and the Lebanon, Ohio, Christmas Festival....Sunday Nick and I head to C~Bus, and then next week, Basketball full force begins....wish me luck!

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