Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Rehash....

I stayed up until after Midnight and when Fox(who honestly, provided piss poor election night coverage} called the state of Ohio, my state, for the Kenyan King of America, I knew it was time to hit the sack...Ohio, in which my country, Mercer, went 77% for Romney, the highest percentage in the state, doesn't get all the blame this year....Virginia and even Colorado went for the Kenyan, it also appears that Florida may go that way as well, not that it matters.  Obama wins with over 300 Electoral Votes and by nearly 2 and one half million votes...toss out the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia and each candidate gets about 49% of the votes, the Senate remains solid Democrat, but with no filibuster-proof majority, while the House remains solidly in GOP hands, and my former Congressman, John Boehner{whose district moved a couple miles south of my home, I now have Conservative Bob Latta} will remain as Speaker.

I have to admit that when I woke up after five hours sleep, I was tired, but not upset when I logged on the computer.  This defeat moves the end game forward, a Mitt Romney win would not have solved our Republic's problems, it would have just kicked the can down the road.  Mitt, while I believe he is a good man, is not, and never was, a true Conservative.  So this puts it on Obama and his slave like supporters shoulders....and just who are "his people"?

Well over 70% of white voters, who make up over 70% of the population voted for Romney, while 80% of minorities{except Asians, the intelligent minority population, who went for Romney} voted for the Kenyan Grifter...these folks are the REAL RACISTS, looking out for "Free Stuff", and wanting "Whitey" to pay for their "stuff"...meanwhile the ignorant white trash of the nation, along with their fellow travelers in the Minority population are the ones producing the majority of the kids.  And you can see them in your stamps, welfare checks, and all other kinds of "free stuff", thanks to the American Taxpayer and the Nanny State...this, my readers, are the future of America, is there any doubt we are in deep dung?

Where do we go from here?

Frankly I am not sure....we have been heading down a God hating/rejecting society for some time, the lazy, the ignorant, and the evil, would rather watch silly TV programs, and promote the queer lifestyle, than think for themselves.  They would rather abort their unborn than take precautions, they would rather have YOU pay for their lives, that work or think for themselves.  Mitt Romney's 47% is actually the 50%, and they have the White House, Senate, and Courts, stacked in their corner.  We "real" Americans have the GOP controlled House, the majority of the state houses, and Governor Mansions.  And most of the guns!

How does the Republican Party gets it's game back?  Well it sure the Hell is not going to win by being Democrat Lite....if that is the way we win, why bother.....?   Mr Leg on this link pretty much tells you my feelings, with a bit better language than I would use:

Romney, the nice guy Moderate, blew his chance....after winning the first debate, he decided to go soft on Obama for his mistakes, that cost lives, in Libya, and elsewhere.  Romney played safe, and it cost him.  Obama is an abject failure, and frankly I'm not sure if he's plain evil or just plain guess is more of the second, but there is enough evil from him and his supporters, to bring that into play.

So where exactly do we go?

The GOP needs to fight for what we believe....freedom for all, freeloading for only those truly in need, our own energy, and we are not talking silly sun and wind, "Green Energy" BS...we need to bring our troops home from Europe and elsewhere, and cut the Middle East loose, protect Israel as we must, but cut the Muslim shitholes of the world loose, once and for all...let those smelly bastards continue to fornicate with Goats and Camels, murder their women and children, and kill each other off, Eventually they will cease to be a problem for our country...and for God's sake, don't continue to let them immigrate to this nation, they are not needed or welcome.   This garbage needs cut loose.

We as a party need to stand up against "Illegal" Immigration....mainly, stop letting uneducated trash in the country, there are no jobs to go around for the simple minded....only allow self sufficient, college educated immigrants in, ones that can actually find and do a job!

The big disappointments in last night's results, at least to me, was Alan West losing his re-districted seat in Florida, and the several close losses by GOP Senate Candidates...especially losing in RED States like Missouri, Montana, Indiana, and maybe even North Dakota, which at this point is "to close to call"...

So there you have it, a disappointing, but hardly tragic loss...the game goes on, stock up on Gold, if you can afford it, and Ammo if you can find it....this game is not going to go well, at least not in the foreseeable future.

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