Friday, November 2, 2012

Election 2012:{part 1} 4 Days Out!

I got up early this morning, well before sunrise, saw Patricia off to work, and headed out to Grand Lake...that gave me sometime to shoot a few pre sunrise photos, and think about what lies ahead just four days out from the Presidential Election.  Looking at the latest polls, I don't believe any of the pollsters have a freaking clue as to what will happen come Tuesday, most, excpet for those in the tank for Obammy the Kenyan Klown, have things dead even.....including the one I most rely on Rasmussen:

So here we go....3 and one half days to decision day, the most important election in American History?  I don't think so....

Important Elections?

As I got up and headed out as usual, on the few days I get up early, I am amazed how how quiet and peaceful things are in this little corner of the not as quiet as those mornings of a few years ago, after my retirement, when I would be driving a 40 foot RV across the New Mexico desert in the pre-dawn hours, now that was quiet and peaceful!  But certainly not like the noise, confusion, and lunacy of New York City and New Jersey, both pre and post Hurricane Sandy.  I look at the fools, like that Hot Air Hebrew named Bloomberg, who rules NY City like some kind of mini dictator, or that fat toad Chris Christie, who is all into kissing Obama's ebony ass, just to get some "free stuff" from the Federal Government...aka The Working Taxpayers of America...F**k those guys and those that think like and support them.

Yes, the election comes up Tuesday, I have already voted....and I hope Romney wins, but don't think for a minute things are going to change....we have a divided Republic, and divided we will remain.  You can blame 24/7 news, you can blame the right wing....but make no mistake the blame for this division rests squarely on the shoulders of the left and their lap dog media.  The game changed in 2000, when Fat Al Gore and his lawyers tried to steal the close fought election of that year, the Supreme Court finally stopped that attempt and the left has never forgiven the nation...they never will.

Most liberals, progressives, Democrats, are clueless, they are frankly, for the most part, too stupid to think beyond their next paycheck or next Government handout...sure there are the intelligent evil ones, and the naive ones like the youth and college kids, but the core are STUPID.  They love "free stuff" and they love the Nanny State and cradle to grave handouts.  So, is this election the most important in our history?  No, that came back in 2000, and election that divided the country for the foreseeable future, an election the left tried to steal, when they couldn't, George Soros and the left wing media, gave us Barack Obama.  A half black nitwit, origins unknown, likely born in Kenyan, but produced and put forth by a radical Anti-American Nazi, named Soros....and that is how we got to 2012.

The liberal media and academia love to talk about how uniformed and unintelligent Conservatives are....let's make it perfectly clear, I sat behind a News Desk for years, then I spent 20 years working in the Environmental/Public Health Field, both were loaded with far left "thinkers", who frankly did little thinking at all.  Most got their "walking orders" from the radicals in far left academia, and trust me, those people aren't the brightest bulbs in the proverbial box.

Divided we stand, at least for now....the question is not if we fall, but when we will fall.   Yes Mitt Romney is better than Barack Obama, but make no mistake things will continue into the abyss we face, regardless of which is elected, because frankly nobody is willing to make the hard choices....of course it's easy for me to rant, Hell I'm nearing 64 next years old, I'm retired or at least semi so, but that doesn't stop me from worrying about the future for my kids, especially my handicapped 33 year old daughter, or my soon to be 1 year old grandson...sure the boys are college graduates and have good futures likely ahead of them, the wife will have a secure retirement, but those will all go out the window, if this train wreck of an out of control government isn't stopped.....and stopped soon.

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Photos-A collection taken in the pre-dawn hours this morning.....along the west side of Grand Lake St. Marys, The Celina Side.

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