Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking Off For a Few Days....

Now that the election is over, and the Obama Brown Shirts, Racists, Union Thugs, and Poverty Pimps, are safely in control for another four years, I can kick back and relax...knowing full well that I have something to bitch and complain about for the foreseeable future...Life Is Good! 

As I wrote yesterday, it's almost good that Romney lost, the challenge we face is too much for one man with a divided Congress to 'Let the Kenyan Bastard Have at it" know that simple half witted SOB will fail, and when he does, hopefully the 50% of the American public who don't have their heads stuck squarely up Obama's ebony backside, will realize, we have a major crisis. 

So with this settled, I can get ready for basketball season, sore heel and all....I moved up my schedule by 11 days, instead of waiting for my first regular season game at Ottawa-Glandorf on November 24th, I decided to pick up some Scrimmages, and will work at least three Junior High gigs, starting next week upon our return from Wisconsin....might as well see how the heel, and the still healing left foot and ankle, will react, I can always push the timeline back.

This weekend, Sam will be in charge at home, as Patricia, Anissa, and I, leave for Wisconsin to spend the weekend{our Thanksgiving} with her folks in Oconomowoc....we will return Monday.  Hopefully by that time Sam will know more on the job front.  With three on the line, it is his hope{and ours} that he will decide whether it will be him remaining in Columbus, or heading to Houston or Chicago, to work in his chosen Actuarial Science field.  With Obama Care about to descend on and screw the Republic and it's  Population, the insurance field appears to be wide open, especially with someone with the Math and Actuary skills he possesses.

So, a few days off, and I will likely be back at the keyboard, both here and on facebook, sometime early next week.....

back later>>>>

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