Sunday, January 6, 2008

107 Years and coming down!

The Mersman Table Manufacturing Plant in Celina, largest table manufacture in the US for many years closed down about 15 years ago...I've been posting photos of it's demise over the past weeks....the wrecking ball has now topped off about half the height of the 107 year old smoke stack.....the process is tedious and slow.......a bit of Americana is coming brick at a time.....I've got a front row house, the former First Church of God parsonage is right across the street.....the view, albeit pretty ugly right now, is none-the-less interesting.

Find Mersman history here:

Photos as the stack comes down......more as the tedious process continues.


Mushy said...

Ah man, what a disappointment!

I was hoping they would cut it down like a tree by blasting out one side at the base.

Anyway...good photos.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Progress. Muh! They probably want to save all the bricks for resale. They'll all be at Lowe's later. Then in someones garden or front walk.

BRUNO said...

A perfect example of the "old way" of construction. Almost always "puts up a good fight" in the end!