Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21st

Today is a day to look forward to, for no other reason than, on average, it is the coldest day of the year. From here on out, the average temperature will rise, however slightly, day-by-day, until July 21st, when it will head back down.....just another useless fact, but worth a note if you are already sick of winter, even in this age of global warming BS.

41st High School Reunion____??

Guess the class leaders frustrated that they couldn't get us to come to the 40th will try again this September for the 41st, never heard of a HS 41st...first time for everything I guess.....I think the only one I made it to was the 20th back in 1987....had tickets for the 30th but was involved in a Pony League tournament and decided to drink beer after the games instead....will I make it to the 41st? I don't make plans that far ahead....not sure if a bunch of 59 and 60 year olds getting together to talk about grand kids and prostrate problems is something I look forward to.

Back to work today and tomorrow at Greenville, Dartball tonight at home against Rockford, we stand at 6-0 in the second half...but some of our younger and less experienced players will return tonight(which is good, we need new blood), and it will be difficult to sweep a good team(we took 2 of 3 last time we played them).
Back felt the best it has in quite a while yesterday...after walking the floor at GTI this morning for an hour I had some pain..but it feels pretty good now, and the Blood Pressure is doing well.

The Giants against the Patsies in the Super Bore....was hoping the Packers could pull it out, and was definitely against New England....but as in most years, I doubt if I will watch much of this one.....Pats will probably win...but let's go for the upset:


NY Giants 23 New England 21


Buck said...

Back felt the best it has in quite a while yesterday...

GOOD news!

As for reunions...I never went to a single one. I was "indisposed" on the Turkish Black Sea coast for my tenth, the reunion committee, such as it was, never bothered to contact me again. I'm hurt. ;-)

BRUNO said...

High school reunions? Why? Fuckers didn't like me THEN, so, what makes 'em think I've improved with age, eh?

"Super-Bore", indeed. Not sure if they could've made it any more obnoxious an arrangement! I'm with you---there'll be very little interest in this'n, for me. Good excuse to go outside to the shop, and fry my ass-hairs in front of the blast furnace!

However, when "March-Madness" comes around for college B-ball, I start comin' back to life a little.....

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, what Bruno said. Hell, I didn't hang with those people then. Why go now? The folks I did hang with won't be there. There are a few people I'd love to see again, but I doubt they'd go to such a thing.

And yea, the games were pissy. The GB NY game was fun to watch, till GB choked. Hope to god NY does something spectacular,, but Ii don't think they will.

And our coldest month is usually February. It's pissin' rain and in the 40s or 50s till some "Blue Norther" blows through and the roads freeze. That's when our local media go out and make fools of themselves, and all the trasplanted Yankees get disgusted by how badly we Southerners drive in such conditions.

Mushy said...

Yeah, we've got one of those coming up this summer. Attendance has suffered so much they now invite the year before and the year after to try and get up a crowd.

I doubt if I you said, I'm sure someone could out complain me there, so what's the use of going to the competition?