Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holidays Done.........

Spent New Years Day up in Auburn, Indiana, at my childhood friend Rick's house....usually Hal and I go over, this year Hal was late getting back from Rick and my college buddy Clint, who now lives in Kenton headed over...with snow in the forecast, we took the Jeep....usually I only have couple of beers we eat well and watch football. As the wind picked up we decided to stay overnight and sleep in the den....that way more beer was consumed and more foods eaten.....Chili, Hot Wings, Sauerkraut and sausage....with a few cigars during half time of the Rose Bowl....good thing too...the first 2 BCS Bowl Games were snoozes....although the early Michigan-Florida and Wisconsin-Tennessee games were classics...especially Michigan's win over the hated Gators. Needless to say I am no Michigan fan, but was glad to see overrated Florida give up 500+ yards to the Wolverines(after Michigan only got 91 total yards against Ohio State)...and Lloyd Carr go out with a win....if Ohio State can thump LSU, it will be a pretty good bowl season. The Illini lost to USC was no surprise, I think they are at least a year away....I was shocked at how bad Hawaii played against Georgia.....that game looked like men against boys.

Snowed pretty good, not a lot of total(except north and west), but the wind was blowing pretty good through the Jeep this morning on the way back.

As you can see from the photos....the old Mersman Building continues to come down....the main area around the 120 year old smoke stack is gone.....will try to get photos as the work continues....and our resident Hawk is still keeping us entertained around the back yard and garden area....keeps the feeding birds nervous(the pigeons left long ago, those he didn't eat)...however, the squirrels don't seem too bothered by him at all.

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~Fathairybastard~ said...

I had a huge load of fun watching football in Wisconsin last week. My girlfriend and her bunch are HUGE cheese heads, so you know I was loud and obnoxious when we watched Chicago wipe the floor with them. It was glorious, particularly after taking Denise to that Cowboy game and watching the Eagles win. Good times.