Friday, January 25, 2008

250 Miles and a box of Cigars

Woke up early today, actually before 7AM(only on days working at Greenville do I get up this early anymore)...saw Patricia off to work....then woke Sam up for the trip to Nappanee...the Intrepid in car thermometer read -3....not much wind though, so didn't' think it was that bad.

Got Sam to Hoosier Transit just after Noon, he started up his car and headed for Elkhart to pick up his RV ride to Vegas....I headed back home...250 miles and 5 hours with only a couple of breaks can't be good for my back...but for some pain in the buttock, not a bad ride.

Sam will head across I-80 and by tomorrow night will have to decide whether to head on I-76 to I-70 through Colorado, or take I-80 through Wyoming into Salt Lake City...looks like a storm brewing that way, so told him I would watch the radar and forecast and he could decide which route(only about 40 miles longer going the north route...where fuel is cheaper) to take....but it all depends on him and the weather.

I got home and found my final cigar order, they were back ordered a month ago....these are a nice low price Robusto size Vieja Hacienda...smoke in about 30 minutes...good for when you don't have a long time to waste...or when the weather is so-so and you don't want to stay out long....since I don't smoke in the house or in my vehicles...they are good for the spring and fall of the year....

This makes my total stash about 100 strong...3 humidors packed...this should last me a good year, considering I may smoke 50 or 60 a year...and almost all of those in warm weather.

Reagan the last remaining Airedale greeted me on my return, and like me, she is getting up in years...with her dad Jack passing away late last summer, she may be the last of the breed for us(then again, you never know)....Patricia and I got our first Airedale, Rags, back in 1974...before we were married....With the exception of the 3 weeks back in 1976 between when Josie Wales passed away and I brought Jack home...we have not been without an Airedale in the family....over 33 years....Reagan turns 10 in July.

Will work on my final chapters of the Murder in Waldo story for the other blog this weekend....and with no football and temps in the 20s with snow in the forecast.....I should have plenty of time.
{photos} Top...My small Humidor with the new batch in it....I used to keep this one on the shelf in clear view behind the desk, when I worked in the Health Department....nothing would get the EPA Gerbils and Enviro-nuts more irrational than a cigar box with "Annoy Liberals, Smoke Cigars" taped to it....and you know that's exactly what the point was....(2) Reagan, this afternoon, wondering ??? What's he doing?(3) and the stash as I unboxed them.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Those look tasty. I started smokin' 'em in my car, goin' and comin' from work. Used to think I didn't want to stink it up, but figure I'll drive it to death like I did the jeep, so what the fuck. Smoke 'em in the car, outside (which doesn't really happen that often), and in pool halls a few times during the week. I've found I like the dark ones. They seem to last longer and have a stronger flavor. I'm avoiding buying any more lately because I have so many now. Got a few samplers in the mail a few weeks ago. Fun, ain't it?

Hope your kid makes it through the shitty weather. Rub the dogs head for me.

pat houseworth said...

FHB: I smoke em', or used to, in the Jeep on my way back from towing it to on the RV delivery runs....since I'm the only one usually in it.....the Robustos I got today are a little stronger that my usual ones....but not overpowering.

GUYK said...

Can't smoke one anymore..but I can gum hell out of 'em.

Donald Douglas said...

Hey Pat: Annoy more liberals...I love that!

Buck said...

I've yet to "burn one" this year... it's just been too frickin' cold outside. And like you, I don't smoke in the house or the car. It ain't the smell, it's the smoke residue that turns everything it touches a dark tan.

C'mon Spring!

BRUNO said...

Love the humidor "banner"!

Like most others, I don't smoke them in the vehicles, either. Much for the same reason BUCK mentions. But I do have my own "HEPA-filtered" office area, for that occasional inside indulgence. And, as a plus, the paneling is a medium-brown, and the ceiling tiles are already an off-white---couldn't have built it better myself.....!