Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Problem With(today's)Conservatives

Sitting here working on the final installments of the Murder in Waldo for my other blog:

which I'm running behind on...won't get it finished until middle of this coming week, also watching glances of the X-Games from Aspen on ESPN...wipe out city, lots of major injuries and spills today....Patricia is out at the Fitness Center...I was going to take a day off but after watching and reading about politics until I'm ready to puke, I figured I better get it out and off my gut...and move on.
The Democrats:

Not a dime bags worth of difference between the 3...interchangeable clowns, one women, who may be a man, one man who acts like a women, and one guy who can't make of his mind if he's black, white, or something thing for sure, they all want to redistribute wealth and raise taxes.....they also don't have the guts to call Islam evil, and to put in place policies that would end our dependents on middle east oil.....THEY ARE SOCIALISTS!

That's as kind as I will be....any 3 get in, with a Liberal controlled Congress...toss away free speech, drive Christians underground, and take away your right to bear arms.

The GOP:

They all call themselves Ronald Reagan Conservatives.....none of them measure up.

Take a look at the front runners:

McCain: War Hero, tough on Islamic Terrorism, weak on taxes, terrible on the border issue...add in McCain/Finegold, McCain/Kennedy. and McCain/Liberman Bills....and toss in the false belief of man made Global have a liberal that is not afraid to go to war.

Romney: Yes he has flip-flopped on social issues, can he be trusted with those issues important to Social Conservatives? Not sure....but he says he can. Good on Economic Policy, tough on Islam(remember he basically told their leaders not to come to Massachusetts unless they or the feds paid for the security)...a Reagan Conservative?...not quite....but as close as the GOP has left running.

Rudy: Social Liberal/no guns, queer marriage, and abort them babies as they come out of the least he tells you up front...he's good on crime, bad on the borders,and I think he would blow the crap out of the Muzzies without a second thought....he's more like the young Barry Goldwater(whose first wife was one of the architects of Planned Parenthood)...Goldwater became a senile babbling fool in his final Senate years....and he was never a true social Conservative.

"The Huckster": Some of my Evangelical Christian friends like this guy....he's a social liberal(except on guns and abortion), and is part of the "Blame America First" crowd when it comes to Islam and their gutter trash terrorists....good for taxes, bad for borders, weak on Ronald Reagan, no Barry Goldwater...more like Jimmy Carter.

Ron Paul...I throw him in for a laugh....Paul is great on the borders, great on taxes, great on guns, full of shit on security.....He actually thinks the Ragheadz would get along with us just fine, if we only left them alone....."Beam this one up Scotty"

There you have it.....

Democrats=Socialists with Marxist leanings
Republicans-Socialist Lite

By the time Ohio, the 7th largest state, votes in our primary, the races may be over....considering who we have voted for the past state's probably better off that way. We have a limp wristed Republican, Voinavitch, as one Senator, a hard core Marxist , Brown, as another, and a former Methodist Minister Democrat, Ted "The Head" Strickland, who supports NAMBLA and their right to be child molesters, as Governor....

I'm down to my 4th pick...

(1) Tancredo---dropped out
(2) Hunter---dropped out
(3) Thompson--dropped out
(4) Romney---
I am far right politically, and I make no apology...I am a Christian, but, I drink, smoke cigars, cuss, have fun, and I don't turn the other cheek, for anybody...once I pass, God will judge me, all others that don't like what I say or stand for...can kiss my ass....that's just the way it is.

That's my Sunday political rant....think I'll have a beer and wash the bad taste out of my mouth!
{photos} Barry Goldwater....Gold H2O was also a retired General in the Air Force....he came to Nha Trang in late 1969...I was one of the LE Cops who got to guard his hooch....Barry liked to have a nip now and's too bad he didn't retire earlier, his younger trophy wife led the senile latter year Senator down the Kennedy dumbassed path later in life(after his first wife died)...I lost all respect for him. Ronald Reagan....I think Reagan, like me, lived his life the way he wanted...he was Right Wing, but lived his life as it was meant to be lived, and enjoyed far the greatest President in my generation.


Cookie..... said...

I like yur attitude amigo....sounds somethin like me. Ya thinkhavin been in the Military and seein what REAL life is about had somethin to do with how we think...???

pat houseworth said...

Either that, or we are just outspoken assholes Cookie....who don't care what anyone thinks of us.

I watch today with interest that drunken driving Ted Kennedy acting like some kind of saint backing Obama....If I was Barrack, I'd tell him to "Step Off"...nobody needs that clown helping him....but as long as it divides the Dimocrats, it's all good!

Anonymous said...

I think you've pretty well pinpointed the problem. There aren't any viable, honest Republican candidates. It'll be a cold day in hell before I vote for Romney, he has an appalling record on the 2nd Amendment and he thinks all Southerners are share croppers. Rudy the G is a left wing liberal in wolfs clothing. Huckabee is like the governor of Georgia, a paid creature of the big Agra companies like Tyson and Fieldale. I like John M.'s war record but that's the only thing I like about him. There's just nobody worth a damn running on our side.

BRUNO said...

I'm one of the worst about "riding the fence" when it comes to politics---that's why I leave such to those more "well-schooled" in the art, like you guys!

I don't see much hope for the GOP in the upcoming election. I do agree about McCain, and his record---but the man just seems to be missing that important "spark" needed to "make 'im fly"!

As for the Dems---Hillary and "black-prez" BILL---whether you want 'im or not---along with Barack "Osama" and---???

I don't know. I think I'll just go stick my head in the sand, and---since I'm already in the correct position---take it up the ass, after all is said and done!

Now here's a serious question, for once: I tend to favor a GOP victory, but---I just don't see it. Now---let's say it's down to the wire, between Hillary and Obama.(my gawd, spellcheck even says OBAMA is wrong!) OK---our dicks are in the wringer now---which one would YOU pick? Providing the ammo for your suicide-gun had already been confiscated.....?

GUYK said...

yeah, I am voting for Romney today in the Florida primaries but not because I want to but because I feel like I have to vote and he seems the best of the rest after Fred.