Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Games we play

Went back to my regular doctor today around noon...blood pressure is fine and dandy, but will keep me on the mild meds until the next visit in about 6 months...the reading at the office was 117/70 with a pulse rate of 65.....he asked about the leg and back pain...and I told him it was "better, but not exactly where I want it to be"...but have to admit despite the constant low to moderate pain, I can live with it where it is....the big question will be, where will I be come baseball season?


With computers, X-Box, and Play Stations, today's games are pretty far from where many of us grew up, whether it be from the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s.....I had a variety of games growing up in Florida, but most of my time was spent outdoors playing "real games"...or just exploring the wilds of southwest Florida, before it became "infested" with the overpopulation that affects the state today...wish I had more photos from my collection of the friends and things I did back then.

I did have games though...I remember my best friend in Florida, Mike Graff(1949-2003)had a football game, I believe it was called a was box like and one guy called offensive plays, the other played defense...each put his "negative" into the slot, then you lit the box up and the result of the play(sack, fumble, yards for run or pass, etc) would pop up....great game, which I could find one on E-Bay...just to see if it was like I remember it almost 50 years ago.....another was the stupid vibrating football place your plastic players on the field, stuck a little soft football in the ball carrier's hand...and turned on the field....the runner, usually vibrated himself out of bounds...I had a couple of them.....looking back, they were real stupid....but Hell, we played if for hours anyway.

Games sure have changed, to say the least.

{photo-Me playing the vibrating football game(can't even remember the name)....sometime around 1962.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Oh man, you're really bringin' backk memories here. Yep,, some of the stuff we played with were pretty lame, by modern standards, but then we developed an imagination as a consequence. You have a GI Joe? I'll have to post some old pictures now. Thanks for the inspiration.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, you were supposed to be able to "control" the direction the players went by bending those little "hairs" on the bottom of their pads---but it never worked!

I soon forgot all about the players, and replaced 'em with Hot Wheels, or Matchbox cars---which changed the name of the game from football, to "glaze-ice storm in middle of St. Louis at rush-hour"....!

Mushy said...

My brother had one of those vibrating football games...yeah, we played for hours, all the while thinking we could really call strategy!