Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spring in Ohio=January!

After a couple of days of 60+ degree weather, the temps have started downward. Heavy rain come through last night, even the basement had some water in it, which has not happened of late, tornado watches and thunderstorm warnings in early January?....sunny, windy, and about 40 right now, with cooler weather to continue for the next week or so.

The slow work on the Mersman smoke stack started back up this morning....after Sunday the crane ceased work, but it is back towering into the blue sky today.

Brother Mike is now back in Columbus, being tested and getting his "mask" fit for his radiation treatments which will begin on his vocal cord next week....with that process taking at least 7 or 8 weeks, we all agreed that mom needs to be back in Florida until Sam will be driving her car down to Naples to stay with Kelly until sometime in April or May....Sam will then fly back.

My back epidural is now almost 3 weeks old(December 21st) didn't do the complete job I wanted, that would have been pain free, but it has helped out...I am back dressing myself in the early morning, my blood pressure is down to normal range(see my back pages blog)...and if I lay down for 15-30 minutes once or twice a movement is pretty I ready for 1000 mile RV runs or even doing spring baseball yet? Not really....but am still much better off than I was, I can avoid surgery for now, and if things don't fully improve, I can always get another cortisone are allowed 3 per year, and for now, that would beat open back surgery.....but it all depends on how the next month or so least I am mobile and able to get around with less pain and more movement than before.

The college football season ended with Ohio State getting thumped....the NFL holds little interest for me(I'll watch, but with little rooting interest, except the hope that New England, the media darlings, tank it).

Working on my plan B to lose 10-15 lbs before baseball begins...that is part of the pain reduction plan....when semi-retired, working only a couple of mornings a week, and limited movement, the pounds don't come off at my age, quite as easily as when I was 25 or 30.....I turn 59 in March and always considered myself in pretty good shape, especially for my age.....these next few months should test that theory.

While I heal, I have started posting more stories out of the family genealogy files on my Houseworth Ancestry blog:

Part 2 of the Murder In Waldo is posted today.....

{Photos} Mersman stack, the slow process, ball and chain continues.


Mushy said...

More good shots Pat.

Glad to hear you are some better, and I wish you luck on the weight. I too am bound and determined to lose some weight this year. The plan is to be slow and permanent about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog and family history chronicle. Wish your back was where you want it to be in terms of pain(free). The Buckeyes broke my heart, too. Sometimes I think they should be wearing orange and brown and play in Cleveland. Best of luck with the weight loss venture. --Andy

GUYK said...

I dropped eighty pounds over a year starting a couple of years ago..and damned if I have not gained at least thirty of it back since last may..damn. But, until I get my new choppers it will be a mashed potato type diet..not all that conducive to weight loss

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, I wanna lose too. We'll see. My schedule doesn't lend itself to all the little snack like meals my doctor thinks I should eat. I tend towards the once a day binge. Here's hopin' it works out for ya, and everyone else.

pat houseworth said...

Hey's all going, got the photos of the Christmas Kids.....

The weight issue for me isn't that big a 5' 11" 203 I'm 30 less than I was in 05...but 15 more than I was a year's more about what's best for the back....the BP is now "normal"....I just want the back to be close by baseball time.