Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost Done

The largest brick section of the old Mersman Smoke Stack is now almost completely down...the "Hot" area, that being the reinforced area of the hottest spot, is still standing....the ball and chain may or may not be used there.....107 years and it tis no more....the rest of the old factory will be a chore...and my front view will be a mess for sometime....but what the Hell? Cigars, Beer, and Airedales, don't give a damn about front porch views.

Back to Dartball tonight...I was playing better as the first half ended over 3 weeks ago....we delayed our usual Monday night games this week to watch the Buckeyes lose another National Championship game....the 2nd year in a row we've done that mistake....with almost everybody back...can they(OSU) hope to finish in the top 2 next year?....I'm sure the media is hoping not. One thing for sure, LSU won't be back...25 seniors gone compared to Ohio State's 3(how many juniors leave for the NFL is another thing)....look for some new blood in the finals next year. Anyway Dartball the 2nd half begins anew....we finished 2nd in the south last half...with are mixed bag of guys getting old and the new guys without much experience, we will see how it works out.

Tomorrow...a photo essay

{photos today-the stack nears ground level}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Dirtball? WTF? I'm a fuzzy headed academic. Esplain please.

pat houseworth said...

Dartball! Not!

I posted back in October about it...large medal darts/w feathers tossed underhand from 20 feet at a board/baseball field....9-12 players per team....3 games 9 innings us something to do in the winter.