Friday, January 4, 2008

The Political Mess

Is there any doubt the American political system is broken?

Millions upon millions of dollars being spent on a campaign that started barley after the 2nd Bush Administration began.....24 hours of constant biased reporting from the likes of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc....and we get a list of candidates that are better suited as having their mug shots on the local post office bulletin board.
Inbetween commercials during the Ohio State-Illinois basketball game and then the Orange Bowl, I would flip over to Fox News and catch the latest updates from that hugh bell weather state of "Iowa"? Iowa???? a couple thousand white farmers falling on the swords voting for folks that no more care about or have their interests in mind that Fidel Castro....can we say IDIOTS? Now I've said I would not make this blog overtly political and I won't, but with the primary season beginning....January 4th? I will break down the candidates from my usually biased right wing position(since there are no true right wingers in this race, I can be pointed in my comments).

The Democrats_______

There are no Democrats that I would vote for in the Presidential let's look at the 3 Anti American morons running........

Hillary Clinton.....the women who blindly followed her lying, cheating, impeached husband, through 8 years of one of the worst administrations in US history. If Hillary is nothing else, she is even more corrupt and evil than that fool husband of hers....If Hillzilla were to be elected, our already in the tank economy would be thrown into a 1930s style depression....she would tax everybody to the max(if the lame congress would go along), and the stock market would crash, with everybody who is anybody pulling their money out....a Hillary Presidency would quicken the pace towards Armageddon. The only thing to her credit is, I believe she would be tough on defense if needed...they don't call her the "Iron Dyke" for nothing.

Barrack Osama Obama......What has this guy ever done? I mean besides hide his true "colors" know the story...I was a poor black child, well kind of, my white mom was from Kansas, she married this Muslim from Africa, he left us, and I was raised by my white grandparents in Kansas.....because mom was running around the world on her save the earth tour, and dad, well dad was back in Africa, and Hell, I never saw him again....but I'll claim to be black, that's a good fit for the media......forget this liar, but you know, lying and being a Democrat was good for the last Dem President(the aforementioned Billy Clinton), so this may work.

The Breck Girl Edwards.......Can we say Ambulance Chaser? This hick tries to play on his so-called poor folks past and visions himself as a champion of the working class....can we say "Bullshit" this lying bastard was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and has sunk so low as to use his cancer stricken loud mouth wife to deflect any criticism of his views...if this guys campaign was not a total disaster, he might be more of a danger than Hillary or Barrack....but it is and he's not.

Vote for any of these 3 and you probably should not be reading this blog.......otherwise you will be real pissed off before November.

The GOP_______

Where do we start?

Well "The Huckster" won Iowa, so let's begin there....First off Mike Huckabee is a former Arkansas governor, enough reason to not support him right off the bat. A former Methodist Minister...he's a little too Liberal in his social stands for know the story. He's pardoned over 1000 criminals, including 19 convicted of murder...says it's his calling as a Christian, I say Bullshit, I'm a Christian, I say if you're a first degree murderer, you need to be (1) executed or (2) live at hard labor with no parole for life.....if you are to be pardoned, let God do that come judgement day. He's also raised taxes, coddled illegal immigrants....OK that's enough "The Huckster" does not get my vote.


Rudy is tough on crime and defense, would blow the Hell out of Islamic terrorists...that's good. He would also do his best to ban guns, and let the murder via partial birth abortions..aka infanticide continue...sorry Rudy, I'm no hypocrite, as a Christian, I believe, 99% of abortions should be outlawed, and any "doctor" performing the vile procedure of "partial birth" abortion should be charged with first degree murder(see punishment in Huckabee file).
John McCain______

American hero, fellow Vietnam Vet, POW......tough on the War on Terror....those are his pluses, he's also weak on Immigration, a butt boy buddy with John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, and worked with that Anti-American Wisconsin dupe Russ Finegold on an attempt to quash free speech via campaign financing.....I could hold my nose and vote for him, his age is a drawback, the pro illegal stance pisses me off.

Mitt Romney_______

Slick is the word. A Governor of the liberal marxist republic of Taxyer2shits. He has found Conservatism of late.....he's a Mormon. Do I trust him? No, not really(but it has nothing to do with being a Morman, they are good people), but if it came down to it, I could vote for him.

Fred Thompson_____

For some reason the media, including the so-called Conservative Fox News, is trying to Deep Six Fred's campaign.....I plan on voting for him in the Ohio Primary....even though I'm not sure what he stands for....I do know, if the media wants you can't be all bad.

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo_______

These would be 1 and 1a, but alas, they have no by the time Ohio votes, these two true Americans will be out of the race.

And finally Ron Paul_________

What can you say about Ron? Let's see, he blames America first in the war on terror, thinks Muslims are just fine and dandy people who would live in peace, if only the evil US would leave them along....."Beam this one up Scotty". I like the idea of closing the borders(after we deport those that don't belong here), getting rid of the IRS, and even shutting down public education and letting the private sector run it(without Government regulations)....but Ron is a little too nuts, even for me.

There you have it, take it for what it's worth, that isn't much......I promise the political posts will be few and far between....plenty of other places for that.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

God, it depresses the hell out of me, and I know I'm not alone. What a bunch of loosers. Hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, again and again.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, but WHICH ONE IS the "lesser of two evils"? I just don't see ANYONE that SHOULD be qualified to lead our country.

Damn, I miss Reagan! And Fred Thompson ain't HIM, either...!