Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Buckeye Downer

For the 4th time in a year Ohio State has dropped a National Title game in a varsity sport...twice in football, once each in basketball and soccer.....a year of being runners-up never sits too well with the Buckeye faithful.

LSU manhandled OSU in the 2nd quarter last night, and that was the advantage they needed.....not much to hang your hat on Buckeye Nation.....but they did play better than last year against Florida, small consolation.

Final 38-24 Loo-zee-anna State!

125+ years ago most of my Houseworth ancestors lived in the small village of Waldo, Ohio.....located 25 or so miles north of Columbus, Waldo sets on the Marion-Delaware County Line located for the most part in Marion County, Ohio.

Having 2 sets of Houseworth brothers as Great-Great-Grandfathers makes almost all the Houseworth clan living in and around Waldo back then my close cousins....one of those was Gilman Houseworth, Gilman was a younger brother of my Great-Grandmother Mary Ann Houseworth, and a a first Cousin of her husband Nelson Houseworth(that's what happens when cousins marry)....Gilman, like many of the Houseworth men at that time was a Civil War Veteran, he served with the 26th Ohio Voluntary Infantry and was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga in northern Georgia....his brother Henry was killed in the same battle.

Anyway after the war, Gilman returned home to Waldo where he became a horse trader and twice married....apparently Gilman liked to have a nip or 3 as well....and that is where he got into trouble with his brother-in-law, Enoch Young.....A Murder in Waldo resulted.....Enoch and Gilman were both charged.....Enoch was tried in Waldo, Gilman was tried later on in Kenton, Ohio....and was aquitted, Enoch was not.

The story begins on my Ancestry Blog at:

I'll be posting this story in several installments over the next couple of weeks at that site.....as they say, "truth is more interesting that fiction"....and that(IMO) is certainly the case with my Houseworth Ancestors.

{photos} The famous G & R Tavern in Waldo(population 325)...home to the world famous Bologna Sandwiches....think outside the box when thinking of cold cut bologna......and my GG-Uncle Gilman Houseworth around 1885.


Mushy said...

Great old photos Pat.

We won't go into the game...I'm sure you assumed I'd be for the SEC.

Donald Douglas said...

Sorry about Ohio State. I watched the first half. I just don't like LSU.

I used to really dig Archie Griffin when I was a kid.

P.S. I'm just so stoked on the McCain win. Like he said at the conclusion of his victory speech: "Tomorrow it all begins again!"

pat houseworth said...

Mushy...Hell I had to root for Michigan this year(against UF), now that is dancing with the devil....but I held my nose and swallowed.

Don.....Big win for McCain, looks Like Hillzilla may win a close one...this might put a road block in Obama's way.....this may not be decided until after 'Super Tuesday'

Anonymous said...

I've got a horse thief in my family, back in the 1880's. At least he wasn't boring.