Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008-Bar Stool Open, Grand Lake, Ohio

Late afternoon/early evening Sunday.

The 8th Annual Bar Stool Open appeared from all angles to be another success. We had 2 teams on our boat, and both teams ended up middle of the 185 team pack.....the Lake Improvement Association I am sure is happy with the results, as are the 12 bars and clubs involved in the 9 hour+ event.

The only photo is one I took with my cell phone, at least for now...I took a disposal camera, and dropped the film off at Wally World today, but it's 1 hour processing machine is on the fritz, so it will be Thursday before I get the film back......Will do a complete rundown on that days post. For now, suffice to say, I stayed mostly sober, and struck the happy medium between the total binge I went on 3 years ago, and the no alcohol at last year's event. We boated and drove sober, the wife picked me up at Nick's at 8PM...and no complaints to voice.

Check back Thursday for the round up.

The weekend weather was a complete success, a little bit of rain began around 9 last night, but the day all-in-all was perfect for a long day on the lake...75 and mostly sunny yesterday, and even better today, total sunshine and a high of 72....both days with almost no don't get many like this in Ohio in early and mid August.

back later>>>>>>>>>

photo-sorry for the cell phone quality...Captain Nick and Big Joey on the boat....we two teams, 8 players in all, lost nobody overboard, and called it a success.

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Mushy said...

Looks like we both got in a little lake time this weekend. Fun ain't it?!