Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ormond Beach

My blogging buddy Cookie:


asked in my previous post's comment section, why I had not posted any "snow" photos from my days stationed and living in the Mohawk Valley(Griffiss AFB and Rome, New York), up in his neck of the woods? Simple answer...didn't take many photos, too busy raising Hell in my off time, and when I moved back in 1973, I left some behind....I did send him a couple of snow bound 1970-71 winter shots of the barracks at "The Griff", and my Charger buried...he posted them on his blog. Thanks for the plug Cookie, hopefully I returned the favor. Cookie does a lot of good work for returning war veterans in the Syracuse area, drop by and give him a look...a humorous and insightful blog.

I also sent him one along, of my type of favorite winter weather....a photo taken off the balcony of my mom's Ormond Beach, Florida, condo, back in the 1990s...he posted that as well. I've posted it too...it's a full moon night shot looking east out over the Atlantic, with the lights of the Ormond-by-the-Sea condos making a great shot...and least Mushy thought so:


And a fellow Air Force Sky Cop wouldn't lie....now would he?

My ties to Ormond Beach are strictly the fact that mom wintered there from 1990 thru 2005...she had started going there with our cousin Marty, and continued up until a couple of years ago(she now winters with youngest sister in sunny Naples). Mom's childhood friend Jean and her husband Jim lived there full time, and mom made many a good friend during that time, many she still has contact with....Marty, Jean and Jimmy have passed away. Mom and others that winter there are still going strong.

I would visit at least a couple times a year, driving her down, flying back to Ohio, and reverse that order come spring, also in the later years I would drop by when delivering a RV to the east coast of Florida....Sam went to umpire school in the area in 2001, and had a taste as well. My horse training buddy, Tom, lives there in the winter, training trotters and pacers, we would hook up on occasion and have a night bar hopping in Daytona. All-in-all it was a good place to spend a few days away from Ohio winters.

The condo structure mom stayed at is located right on the Atlantic, the last condos north of Daytona to be so situated...everything north of Ormond towards Flagler Beach and northward, are set back off highway A1A.

I always tried to get some sunrise photos(Gulf side sunsets, Atlantic sunrises)...some are shown here, but the "moon shot" off the balcony is a good as I've done.

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photos-The sun rising on January 1, 2001/Full Moon evening in April 1994/another sunrise, this one in April 2005...not always sunny in Ormond or Florida as the last two photos taken on a gray January day in 2003 show....rough seas for the Atlantic swimmers, and nobody was sitting pool side on this cloudy cold winter day, and few beach walkers either.


The Hermit said...

I tried to make last minute reservations at Tybee Island last night, but couldn't find a room for love or money. Then I go to your blog and see all these great pictures of the beach. Now I am frustrated to the max. Time to go to the beach!

pat houseworth said...

Early fall/late summer is the best beach time...no kids, and it's too early for the old blue hairs to be there. Problem of course, everybody else with grown or no kids, wants to be there as well.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Hey Pat, I stopped over at you bud's blog, the retired cop/seebee, I like it, and will stop by daily. I have started an experimental blog using Wordpress, but it's a little hard to fugure it all out. Stop by and have a look. It's an ongoing cicle jerk.
it's at john2763.wordpress.com

Buck said...

That moon photo is simply GREAT, Pat. The others are good, too, but the moon one... Wow!

Cookie..... said...

Thanks fer the nice plug amigo...also, "NamRat" and myself have become acquainted thanks to your post...just one of the many things I like about bloggin...meetin new folks...

pat houseworth said...

You got that right Cookie, and I "met" old Nam Rat through GuyK...it just keeps spinning...the blog world that is.