Friday, August 8, 2008

Meeting The Fat Hairy One

After a couple of e-mails and missed phone calls, Jeff AKA: The FatHairyBastard, his girl Denise, and I got to hook up for a meeting and lunch in Dayton yesterday afternoon.

FHB, along with Mushy, Buck, and GuyK, were the first folks I found when I started to blog a little more than a year ago....and we have stayed constant in reading each other's blogs and commenting on same since that time.

I met Jeff and Denise at the I-75 "Ruby Tuesdays" on the north end of Dayton me it seemed, even though we had never met in person, that I had known both for years. We spent about 90 minutes together, had a bite to eat, and FHB and I had a tall "Blue Moon" on Draft, while Denise had a glass of wine. The two are on vacation...came up from Texas, with stops in Memphis, Williamsport, PA, and then back down to Tennessee to hook up with "Mushy" :

Paul aka: "Mushy", like me, is a former Air Force Sky Cop, who was stationed in Vietnam for a year....that's how I ended up in this little circle of bloggers. Mushy's Air Force tales can be found on his blog......

After lunch we had a photo session, Jeff presented me with a couple of excellent Cigars, a "Macanudo" Vintage 2000, a Churchill size fat one...and a Marker's Mark "Kentucky Straight Bourbon" Cigar of the same size....I have had the large Macanudo, but never this MM Bourbon....I might fire that up tomorrow while participating in the Bar Stool Open on Grand Lake.

Jeff gave me a look at his "Texas" knife...a nice piece of hardware, we said our good byes and they were on their way to the Pennsylvania home of the "Little League World Series" at Williamsport.....they will be getting out just in time, as the LL WS starts the end of next week. Have a safe trip guys, and hope to see you again next year, when maybe we can make the time to take in the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton.

The Bar Stool Open-

As I have mentioned previously, tomorrow is the Bar Stool Open...the 8th annual one(my 4th in 5 years)...this event raises money for the Lake Improvement Association, which has been working around Grand Lake for 60 years or so. It involves 12 bars, most(11) of which are in the Mercer County waters of the lake, they each set up a miniature golf hole, teams of 4 shoot one hole at each bar as they sail, motor, drive, etc, around the lake....we usually set up shop on my friend Nick's pontoon with another team. Last year youngest son Hal's team came in 3rd of the 150+ teams....I stayed sober, and for some reason our team stunk, after coming in 4th a couple years back....we finished near the bottom....this year I may have to break my sobriety ways from last year.....will have Patricia drop me off at the dock at Bayview....we will begin at DuckFoot's Landing on the south side, and hope to finish up at Bayview some 8 hours later.....needless to say, I won't be getting behind any wheels for this one.

Had our required State Football Rules meeting in Lima on Wednesday night....the local association with it's 4 required meetings starts next week. High School teams are allowed to scrimmage starting tomorrow, with the Bar Stool Open, I will hold off until Next Thursday the 14th for my first action.

The weather for football and boating(golfing/drinking) looks perfect...75 or so with sun and low humidity all weekend is in the forecast!

back later>>>>>>>>>>>>No post tomorrow, I'll be out on the Lake, and probably in no shape to think, let along post by tomorrow....back Sunday!

photos-me, Denise, and Jeff outside Ruby Tuesdays in I stand at about 5' 11" you can see Jeff is just "a little" taller than this old youngest Hal, stands at 6' 4" and about 250....FHB is taller than Hal....a big kid{kid to me because I'm a "few" years younger. Also Jeff and Denise, then the fine cigars he laid on me, "Thanks Buddy", I will enjoy them. And finally a shot of last years Bar Stool Open Tee....this and door prizes come with the $25 golfing fee....last year's was particularly "loud" in color.


GUYK said...

I had planned to meet up with Jeff back in the summer at the Kerrville blog meet but things just didn't work out for us to go..maybe next year..or else I'll just have to talk him into taking a vacation here in the land of the sunny beaches

pat houseworth said...

If I ever get my brother back down to Homosassa, I will give you a head's up. He's in better shape, and who knows? He may be ready to drop by that way this winter for a few weeks.

Shrinky said...

I am so envious of you guys who get to meet up in the flesh with your blog-pals. Being stuck on a small island sometimes has it's drawbacks (but not so many as to want to move).

I've told hubby I've promised myself a week in the spring, I'm going to jump on a plane for the good old USA. I have a couple of dear friends over your side of the pond that I am determined to meet. He's grudgingly given me his blessing. I can hardly wait.

Mushy said...

Yep, glad we all hooked up Pat and hope we stay in touch.

I'm looking for Fat and Denise sometime tomorrow afternoon and the fun shall begin!

Jerry said...

Jeff and D are a couple of good eggs. Glad you got to meet them.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It was a great trip and great to get to meet you. We got back here about 8pm Saturday and I've been workin' on the pictures ever since then. I must have taken about a thousand shots, including a few good one's with you.

It was great to meet you and I look forward to doin' it again next year, and going to check out the planes in the museum. That'd be fun.