Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something New.....

Got in a 4 mile walk this morning, met and old friend Neal who was walking the lakeshore as well, so we put in an about 90 minutes before he headed to pick up a vehicle, and I jumped in the Jeep and headed home. Checked into a few regular blogs, some new visitors, and scanned the brain(what's left of it) for something to write about.

Not much came up, but as I was looking at a new visitor's blog, I noticed they had a Music Playlist on their site....not a bad idea I sez to I set about placing about 85 songs(leaving space for 15 more that I know I will remember and want to add later), of various artists and decades. Something for all, unless you are into Rap or Headbanger stuff....'No Soup for You".

Click away if you choose, it's up top on the left hand side and can be navigated part, it be free, and only take's an hour or two, unless you want to listen to all your selections in full.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank David, The Aussie Photo Guy, for naming my post from earlier this week "The Reluctant Sky Cop" as one of his Co-Posts of the day....Dave has a great blog and something, including great photography for all:

Here is David's Blog Site:

Thanks Dave!

Final Scrimmage games this afternoon, I'm at the wife's school, St. Henry, with a 7th/8th grade double scrimmage....The Varsity Season begins Friday, I will be at Celina Stadium on Saturday morning, Celina vs Lima Senior in a JV contest...then on to a wedding at 3PM...Hal is a groomsman at a friend's wedding here in, guess I better write a check and get a card for that one.

back later>>>>>>>>>>>>enjoy the music, remember to scroll down(click right side) to find a song you might like....otherwise "Desperado" always leads things off.
photos-Some of the Music Makers on the My Music Space....Creedence, Skynyrd, and Seger.

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