Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunflower Sunday

Not much to write about this Sunday morning...watched Phelps win his 8th Gold last night, in-between I checked in on Fox to watch the so-called debate between Juan McCain and Half Breed Harry....Obama clinched not getting my vote, not that he had a snow balls chance in Hell of getting it anyway...But his pathetic responses to the "Evil" and "Abortion" questions clinched it....what a gutless punk he is. Meanwhile McCain played to the audience....not very impressive, but at least he was humorous.

That's it for now....our "Evening Sun" Sunflowers are starting to peek out....the different color schemes are starting to come out...enjoy!

back later


The Lonely Conservative said...

Thankfully, I missed that debate. Nice sun flowers.

Buck said...

I didn't watch the Saddleback thing, either. But I did catch just a very small bit analysis on CNN after the fact. When I say "very small bit," I mean like ten minutes. I HAD to change the channel, coz CNN's "analysis" makes me wanna puke. They are SO in the bag for The Obamanon it ain't funny.

Anonymous said...

Obama and McCain are both depressing.